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2019 System Reliability RFO

Southern California Edison (“SCE”) announces the launch of the 2019 System Reliability Request for Offers (“RFO”) on September 19, 2019 with the intent to procure resources to meet System Reliability needs.

On September 12, 2019, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) issued a proposed decision requiring electric system reliability procurement for 2021-2023 in the Integrated Resource Planning proceeding, Rulemaking 16-02-007. That proposed decision directs SCE to procure 1,745 MW of incremental system resource adequacy capacity to come online between August 1, 2021 and August 1, 2023, subject to certain terms and conditions set forth in the proposed decision. Among other things, all resources procured must be incremental to the baseline resource assumptions identified for 2022 in the analysis that led to the adoption of the Preferred System Plan adopted by the CPUC in Decision 19-04-040.

The proposed decision has not yet been adopted by the CPUC and remains under consideration in CPUC Rulemaking 16-02-007. Any procurement pursuant to this RFO is contingent on and will be consistent with a final CPUC decision determining the procurement need and SCE’s procurement authorization, if any, and the details of the procurement authorization. Accordingly, SCE’s procurement need under this RFO, if any, and the requirements of the RFO including, but not limited to, eligibility requirements, product requirements, and online dates are subject to change.

2019 System Reliability RFO Website

SCE will be using PowerAdvocate® for this RFO. SCE has posted information on the site and will supplement the site with additional information as it becomes available. Offerors that intend to submit Offers, but do not have an existing PowerAdvocate® account, must first register to create a username/password with PowerAdvocate® to receive access to the event (event code 95280). Users with an existing PowerAdvocate® account may request access using:

For additional information about registering on PowerAdvocate®, please visit:

2019 System Reliability RFO Webinar

SCE will host a Webinar for the 2019 System Reliability Request for Offers (RFO) on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from 10:00am to 11:30am PPT. This informational conference will provide an overview of the 2019 System Reliability RFO.

The conference will be held via Skype. All participants should check for Skype compatibility. The conference details are below:

Verizon Call-in Number (you MUST use this # to receive audio; audio will not be available through Skype):

Dial in number: 800-857-9632
Participant Passcode: 9308122

Skype Link (for the presentation only; please select “don’t join audio” when prompted):


A separate but concurrent procurement track is being launched to procure Utility Owned Energy Storage Systems referred to as the Reliability Utility Owned Energy Storage (RUOES) Procurement. If you have any question on that procurement activity please contact