The 2017 Integrated Distributed Energy Resources Request for Offers (“IDER RFO”)

As mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission in Decision16-12-036, Southern California Edison (SCE) launched its 2017 IDER RFO. Through this IDER RFO, SCE expects to procure distributed energy resources (DERs) to defer the need for capital expenditures for traditional distribution infrastructure upgrades at two distribution projects without a loss of system reliability. These DERs include energy efficiency, demand response, renewables, and energy storage, which will be deployed during times in which high energy consumption strains the infrastructure. The alleviation of the strain on the infrastructure will allow upgrades to occur at a later time, which may lower the overall financial impact on our customers.

The solicitation launched on January 12, 2018. To test an expedited process, the IDER RFO will conclude within approximately four months.

The targeted locations that SCE seeks to defer distribution projects are:

  • Eisenhower Project: Desert Outpost 33/12 substation located in Cathedral City
    Eisenhower 115/12 substation located in Palm Springs
  • Newbury Project: Intrepid 16 kV, Hooligan 16 kV and Belpac 16 kV circuits located in Thousand Oaks southwest of the Newbury 66/16 kV substation

For customers located in these areas, please note that potential participants of this IDER RFO may be approaching you and soliciting your energy usage information to develop their offers to SCE.

Potential offerors may visit SCE’s 2017 IDER RFO Website at: for more information.