Biofuel Renewable Auction Mechanism (BioRAM) RFO


The Biofuel Renewable Auction Mechanism (BioRAM) program is in response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s October 30, 2015 Proclamation of a State of Emergency. The emergency is due to dead and dying trees throughout California forests. The CPUC issued Resolution E-4770 on March 17, 2016, initiating the BioRAM program. This resolution directs state utilities to procure at least 50 megawatts (MW) statewide, with 20 MW from Southern California Edison.

The BioRAM program is an extension of the RAM process; the BioRAM program is a modified version to meet the needs of the CPUC Resolution. A notable modification from RAM is that the BioRAM program does not place a cap on the amount of MW procured.

See the RAM tab on the left for details on the standard RAM program.

For more information, or to participate in BioRAM, please visit the RAM website located at:

Select 'BioRAM Home' on this website to be directed to the BioRAM homepage. Applicants must register with the site to participate in the BioRAM program. BioRAM documents, schedule, announcements and other information is available to the public on the site without registering.

SCE would like to thank you for your interest in the SCE BioRAM 2 RFO. As we stated in last week’s launch announcement, “the BioRAM 2 RFO may be canceled if SCE’s MW need is procured through its initial BioRAM solicitation or bilateral agreements, as allowed by Resolution E-4805.” SCE has confirmed today that we have procured our MW need for BioRAM 2 through the 1st BioRAM solicitation. Effective immediately, SCE is canceling the SCE BioRAM 2 RFO.