SCE PCIA Voluntary Allocation Information

Decision (D.) 21-05-030 was issued on May 24, 2021, ordering the California investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to offer Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) eligible load serving entities (LSE) voluntary allocations of PCIA-eligible resources, and then to make available to the general market any unallocated RPS resources through a market offer process. Collectively, these processes are referred to as the voluntary allocation and market offer (VAMO). 

On August 23, 2021, the California IOUs jointly filed a Tier 2 advice letter proposing a methodology for allocating a slice of each IOU’s entire PCIA-eligible RPS portfolio. That methodology was approved on October 25, 2021, in an Energy Division ruling letter, along with a ruling that PURPA and ReMAT resources be excluded from the VAMO process, as the IOUs are required to use such resources toward their RPS compliance requirements. 

PCIA-eligible LSEs will have an option to receive an allocation from the IOUs’ PCIA-eligible RPS energy portfolios based on each LSEs customers' forecasted, vintaged, annual load share (in MWh). LSEs will elect their allocations in 10% increments of their forecasted, vintaged, annual load share. RPS energy deliveries will be based on project development success and actual RPS energy volumes realized each year.

2022 Voluntary Allocation Election Schedule

VA Meet & Confer Activities Date*
Indicative Allocation Forecast provided to LSEs February 1, 2022
SCE Webinar on PCIA VA Meet & Confer February 2, 2022
PCIA VA Meet & Confer Period Commences March 12, 2022
PCIA VA Meet & Confer Period Ends April 15, 2022
Final Allocation Forecast provided to LSEs May 20, 2022
VA Enrollment & Contracting Activities Date*
Voluntary Allocation enrollment deadline July 1, 2022
SCE to provide LSEs participating in Voluntary Allocation with contract for execution July 8, 2022
Deadline for LSEs to execute & return VA agreement July 18, 2022
SCE completes Voluntary Allocation contracting July 29, 2022

* Dates are subject to change.

Meet & Confer Information

LSEs can provide their date preferences for their initial PCIA voluntary allocation meet and confer discussion by filling out this form:

PCIA VAMO Meet and Confer Meeting Preference


SCE Contact Information

For PCIA VA-related questions or concerns, please contact one of the following: