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Partial Reopening of Direct Access

Direct Access (DA) service is retail electric service where customers purchase electricity from a competitive provider called an Electric Service Provider (ESP), rather than from a regulated electric utility. An Electric Service Providers (ESPs).docx is a non-utility entity that offers electric service to customers within the service territory of an electric utility. Participating in DA allows electric customers to shop and compare electric commodity rates and services provided by electric Energy Service Providers (ESPs).  Customers that have elected DA Service will continue to receive safe and reliable electricity transmission and distribution services from SCE. 

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Updated October 2023

As of October 2023, SCE confirmed that there was enough room under the Overall Load Cap to accommodate all service accounts on the 2024 Wait List. All eligible customers will receive a load offering email from SCE on 11/1/23 and will have until 11/27/23 to accept or decline the opportunity to go DA in January 2024.

SCE’s Current DA Load Cap is 

13,457 GWh 

2024 Total Load Available 

1348    GWh 


Load Offering Key Reminders

  • On the last business day of each month, SCE will check if there is room under the Overall Load Cap and notify the first customer on the Wait List if there is an available load.
  • If there is enough load for all of the Six-Month Notice’s list of Service Accounts (SAs), notified submitters will have 15 days to accept or decline the DA transfer opportunity.
  • If a submitter declines, their Six-Month Notice will be removed from the Wait List and their SA will remain with SCE’s bundled or CCA service. SCE will then notify the next submitter on the Wait List.
  • If a submitter accepts but does not submit the required DASR by the due date, their SCE account will be transferred to Schedule PC-TBS for 60 days.
  • If a DASR is not received by the end of these 60 days, the six-month advance notice to return to DA will be canceled and the account will not be eligible for Direct Access for 18 Months.
  • Please Note: Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) accounts will continue to be serviced by their CCA supplier and not be placed on TBS (Transitional Bundled Service). You can find out more at
  • All Southern California Edison (SCE) service accounts will transition to Transitional Bundled Service (TBS). You can find out more at TBS Output Sheets
  • On the last business day of each year, all Six-Month Notices on the Wait List will be canceled and replaced by the next year’s Wait List.
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  • SCE holds a weeklong submission period in June of each year (DA Lottery) for customers who are interested in enrolling in Direct Access (DA) subject to the availability of load space under the Overall Load Cap of 13,456.87 gigawatt-hours (GWh) established by the California Public Utilities.
  • As of February 2023, SCE is anticipating that load space will be available under the Overall Load Cap and will be able to Accept a portion of Six-Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access Service (NOI) submitted by customers.
  • Notified submitters will have 15-business days to accept or decline the DA transfer opportunity in January 2024.
  • If the notified submitter declines the opportunity, the Six-Month Notice will be removed from the Wait List and the Service Accounts will remain on SCE’s bundled service.
  • SCE will then notify the next submitter on the Wait List.
  • Customers who do not receive an offer of load space will be placed on a Wait List for any DA load space that may become available in 2024.
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How To Participate

A. SCE Form 14-793 & Multiple Submission Spreadsheet

  • SCE Form 14-793 must be completed in its entirety including data and signature. Please download the fillable PDF SCE Form 14-793 below, which allows you to fill out the required fields directly into the form using your computer. Be sure to save your form before you start.
  • SCE’s Multiple Submission Spreadsheet template is needed if you have more than one service account in your submission. Please complete all fields within the Multiple Submission Spreadsheet template and attach within your submission of SCE Form 14-793. Do not include a service account number and information on Form 14-793 if you have more than one service account. Please sign and date the Six-Month Advance Notice form and type "see attached" in the remaining account information fields.
  • Please Note:
    • SCE will review all submissions and will ask that the submitter resubmit their entry for the following reasons
      • The PDF Six-Month Notice Form has multiple accounts
      • If the Form 14-793 PDF or Multiple Submission Spreadsheet within submission are hard to read
      • Multiple Submission Spreadsheet file isn’t in excel (.xlsx) format

B. Customer Information Service Request (CISR) Form (If needed)

  • CISR Form is needed, if you are a third party (such as an ESP (ELECTRIC SERVICE PROVIDER), consultant, etc.) signing and sending SCE Form 14-793 on behalf of a customer. SCE requires written authorization in advance from the customer using the Authorization to Receive Customer Information or Act on a Customer's Behalf (Form 14-796)(CISR Form) The CISR Form 14-796 must be completed in its entirety and check box option 1, 5, AND 7. 
    • For the purpose of avoiding the sending of multiple CISRS and data delays. Please put an X and initial the following items on Page 2/3 and 3/3. 
      • Check Box 1: Request and receive billing records, billing history and all meter usage data used for bill calculation for all my account(s), as specified herein, regarding utility services furnished by the Utility. 
      • Check Box 5: Request special metering, and the right to access interval usage and other metering data on my account(s). 
      • Check Box 7: Request rate changes 
    • Initial box two from page 3/3 from the CISR form. 
      • One-year authorization - Requests for information and/or for the acts and functions specified above will be accepted and processed each time requested within the twelve-month period from the date of execution of this Authorization. 
    • Customer Information Service Requests (CISRs) should be sent and approved by SCE before the enrollment period. 
    • If you did not send the CISR form to  before the 2023 Lottery, you may attach the completed CISR form to your DA Lottery submission to and you must CC  for SCE to process the CISR Form 
  • No CISR Form is needed
    • If the submitter within email is the Customer. 
    • When Six-Month Notice forms are signed by the customer and sent by their third-party agent. 
      • However, please be sure the customer is copied on the DA Lottery Submission email, so they can receive future communications about DA eligibility. 
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  • Customers or an authorized third-party may send Six Month Notices during the five business days beginning at 9 am PDT June 12, 2023, and ending at 5 pm PDT June 16, 2023.
  • All Six-Month Notice Forms and Multiple Submission Spreadsheet files must be sent to
  • Ensure your Subject line follows the format: [Customer Name] [# of SA IDs you are sending]
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  •  You will receive an auto-response from the mailbox
    • The auto-response message does not imply that SCE has accepted the Six-Month Notice and any supporting documents.
    • The auto-response message shows that SCE has received your submission. Once the auto-response has been received, please DO NOT send more duplicate Six-Month Notices.
    • If you do not receive an automatic response email acknowledging receipt of your submission within 30 minutes of submission, don't hesitate to get in touch with the SCE DA Program Team at
  • Duplicate, Six Month Notices covering the same accounts will be discarded
  • If SCE finds incorrect information in the Six-Month Notice or the Multiple Submission Spreadsheet template, SCE will contact the submitter to correct the error. From the date SCE notifies the submitter, the submitter has five business days (the review period) to respond with the corrected information. If no reply is received within the five-business day window, forms having incorrect information will be rejected, and the submitter will be notified by email.
  • Common Submission Errors that need corrections 
    • Unreadable Submissions
    • Missing Signature
    • Missing Date
    • Invalid Name
    • Invalid Service Account Number(s)
    • Service Accounts that do not match the Six-Month Notice Name
    • Closed Accounts
    • Currently on DA
    • Signed Six-Month Notices by ESPs or Consultants with no Valid CISR
    • Invalid Rate
  • After completing the review period and correcting all deficiencies, SCE will use a randomizer tool to select a random number for each Six Month Notice eligible.
  • Submitters of Six-Month Notices will be notified electronically by Monday, August 14, 2023, of their 2023 Wait List number.
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The Switching Exemption Guidelines apply to the Six-Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access (DA) received by SCE during the Post Phase-In Enrollment Period.

  • If a DASR is not received by the final date specified in the acceptance notification, the associated Service Accounts will be transferred to Transitional Bundled Service (TBS) for 60 days.
  • If a DASR is not received by the end of the 60-day TBS period, the Six-Month Notice will be canceled.
    • After the six-month advance notice is canceled, the account will no longer be eligible for DA service.
    • The account will continue to bill on the TBS spot market price for an additional six months.
    • At the end of the six-month TBS period, the account will begin bundled service for an 18-month Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS) commitment term.
  • Exceptions to Rule 22.1 – Switching Exemption Guidelines do not apply to the following:
    • Six-Month Notices rescinded during the 3-Day Rescission period are not subject to Switching Exemptions.
    • Wait-List customers who decline the DA transfer opportunity are not subject to Switching Exemptions.
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