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Information for Direct Access

Participate In Direct Access

Partial Reopening of Direct Access

Direct Access was suspended by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on September 20, 2001 as a response to the California energy crisis. Existing DA customers before the suspension of DA were able to preserve their DA service.

On March 11, 2010 the CPUC issued D.10-03-022 that allowed for partial reopening of DA through authorized increases in load caps on DA transactions for each of the Utility Distribution Companies (UDCs) and adopted a detailed enrollment process for the 4-year phase-in period beginning in April 2010 and concluding in January 2013. Participation is limited to Retail Non-Residential Customers.

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SCE's DA Load Cap is
3,946 GWh
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Post Phase-In Enrollment Period - 2017 Lottery Wait List Process

Monthly DA Load Notice – June 1, 2018

SCE's DA load has been reviewed and it has been determined that SCE does not have additional load to allocate to Wait Listed customers as of June 2018.

DA Enrollment Process “DA Lottery”

In order to participate in the annual DA Lottery, Customer Information Service Requests (CISRs) must be submitted and approved by SCE in advance of the enrollment period. This applies only if the customer is authorizing a 3rd party to submit a 6-month notice on their behalf and when the customer is authorizing release of their historical usage data. Customers representing themselves are not required to submit a CISR. See CISR process section below for more information.

“DA Lottery” Six Month Notice Submission Period

The Six-Month Notice submission period for participation in the Post Phase-In Enrollment begins at 9:00 am (PDT) on Monday, June 11, 2018 and ends at 5:00 pm (PDT) on Friday, June 15, 2018.


Six-Month Advance Notice to Transfer to Direct Access Form and Process

See Rule 22 for additional detail on this process.

Six-Month Notice forms (PDF) and SA spreadsheets should be attached to each e-mail.

  • Customers should utilize the pre-formatted Six-Month Advance Notice To Transfer to Direct Access Template provided here.
  • As should be listed in order of priority on the spreadsheet template in the event the available load under the established overall load cap cannot accommodate the entire list.
  • SA spreadsheets should be sent as actual Excel files (.xls) and not as PDF copies of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Additional data rows should be added to accommodate additional SAs as needed.
  • Six-Month Notices must be submitted via e-mail or fax only.
  • Email:
  • Fax: 1-626-812-7562
  • Sample Six-Month Advance Notice to Transfer to Direct Access
  • SA number identification:
    • SA numbers appear on the customer's SCE bill formatted as "3-010-2010-20".
    • SA numbers always begin with "30" followed by eight digits.
    • SA numbers should be submitted to SCE without the separating dashes (-) "3010201020".
  • Six-Month Notices should be submitted only once.
  • All Six-Month Notices received during the Post Phase-In Enrollment Period will be reviewed and audited for deficiencies within 30 business days after the close of the Post Phase-In Enrollment Period.
    • Any duplicate Six-Month Notice covering the same SAs will be discarded.
  • Submitters of ineligible SAs will be notified of ineligibility via e-mail communication during the 5 Day to Cure period.
  • Six-Month Notice forms may cover multiple SAs but they must all be for the same customer name as it appears on the SCE billing statement.
    • Any Six-Month Notice found to include multiple customer names will be considered to have a deficiency.
    • Submitters will have five days to correct the customer name or submit a new Six-Month Notice for the SA(s) covered by a different customer name.
  • Six-Month Notice forms found to have a deficiency, such as incorrect SA number and missing or illegible information, may be accepted on the condition that the deficiency is corrected within five days after receiving notification of the deficiency. All reported SA deficiencies not corrected within five days will be voided.
  • All Six-Month Notice submissions must include the following in the subject line of the e-mail or fax.
    • Customer Name
    • “Six-Month Notice”
    • Submitter Name
    • Total number of Service Accounts included in submission
    • Example: ABC, Inc. – Six Month Notice - ESP, Inc. – 25
  • All Six-Month Notice submissions received will be time and date stamped to maintain the original order of submissions received by SCE.
    • An electronic Acknowledgement of Receipt will be returned to the submitter of each Six-Month Notice form received.
  • At the close of the Post Phase-In Enrollment Period, and after all deficiencies have been corrected, SCE will utilize a “Randomizer” tool to assign a random “lottery” number to each eligible Six-Month Notice submission.
  • All Six-Month Notices will be ordered in sequence by their randomly assigned number.
  • Submitters of Six-Month Notices will be notified electronically within 10 business days of the close of the Post Phase-In Enrollment Period, or by August 14, 2018, of their 2019 Wait List randomly assigned number.
    • 2019 Wait List notifications will include the randomly assigned number and a description of the process for allocating additional DA Load that becomes available (See also Post Phase-In Enrollment Period - Wait List Process below).
  • Individual e-mail or fax submissions containing more than one Six-Month Notice form will be rejected.
  • Six-Month Advance Notice to Transfer to Direct Access (DA) form

Switching Exemption Guidelines (Rule 22.1)

The Switching Exemption Guidelines apply to the Six-Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access (DA) received by SCE during the Post Phase-In Enrollment Period.

  • If a DASR is not received by the final date specified in the acceptance notification, the associated Service Accounts will be transferred to Transitional Bundled Service (TBS) for 60 days.
  • If a DASR is not received by the end of the 60-day TBS period, the Six-Month Notice will be cancelled.
    • After the six-month advance notice is cancelled, the account will no longer be eligible for DA service.
    • The account will continue to bill on the TBS spot market price for an additional six months.
    • At the end of the six-month TBS period, the account will begin bundled service for an 18-month Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS) commitment term.
  • Exceptions to the Rule 22.1 – Switching Exemption Guidelines do not apply to the following:
    • Six-Month Notices rescinded during the 3-Day Rescission period are not subject to Switching Exemptions.
    • Wait List customers who decline the DA transfer opportunity are not subject to Switching Exemptions.

Customer Information Service Request (CISR) Form and Process

Customer Information Service Requests (CISRs) must be submitted and approved by SCE in advance of the enrollment period.

  • Approved CISR forms must be on file before any third-party will be authorized to act as an agent of a customer.
    • A CISR form is required when Six-Month Notice forms are signed and submitted by a customer's designated agent.
    • A CISR form is not required when Six-Month Notice forms are signed and submitted by the customer.
    • A CISR form is not required when Six-Month Notice forms are signed by the customer and submitted by their designated agent.
  • Customer must initial Box 7 — Request Rate Change (page one of form) to authorize their designated third-party to submit a Six-Month Notice on their behalf.
  • Customer must begin subject line with DA/Lottery to be processed within 5 - 10 business days (example: DA CISR: ABC Company Data Request).
  • CISRs submitted with Box 7 with or without additional boxes initialed on page one of form, where usage data is not being requested, will be processed within five business days.
  • CISRs submitted with multiple boxes initialed on page one of form, where usage data is being requested, will be processed within ten business days.
  • Resubmissions (prior rejected CISRs) will be treated as a new request and will be worked in the order they are received.
    • A new CISR form must be re-submitted with the missing and/or corrected information. The 2nd page of the CISR form must include a new execution date for the customer and 3rd Party certifying the new form is authorized.
  • CISRs submitted for prior year Post Phase-In Enrollment periods identified as "one-time only" or specifying an expiration date that has passed are not valid for Post Phase-In Enrollment Period.
    • New CISRs, using the current March 2016 version of the CISR form, must be approved by SCE before a 3rd Party will be authorized to act on behalf of a customer for Post Phase-In Enrollment Period.
  • Resubmitted Post Phase-In Enrollment CISRs from prior periods will be rejected.

CISRs must be submitted to SCE's Third Party Authorizations Desk:
Phone: 1-844-235-2068
Fax: 1-626-543-7321

Mailing Address:
SCE, 3rd Party Authorizations
P. O. Box 800
Rosemead, CA 91771

Authorization to Receive Customer Information or Act on a Customer's Behalf (Form 14-796)(CISR Form)

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Contact Customer Choice Services

Customer Choice Services
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (PST)
Telephone: 1-800-795-6SCE (6723)
Fax: 1-626-812-7562

Mailing Address:
Southern California Edison
Customer Choice Services
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