CHANGE Electricity Suppliers

CHANGE Electricity Suppliers

Options to return to SCE’s Bundled Portfolio Service

At any time, Direct Access (DA) customers may choose to switch their electricity suppliers and have options to return to SCE’s energy supply service.  Details of these options are as follows: 

Return to SCE Online: Please complete and elect your return to SCE option by completing the Six-Month Advance Notice to Return to SCE online form. 

DA Customers may provide a six-month advance notice to SCE to become eligible for SCE’s Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS).  During the six-month advance notice period following the submission of the notice to SCE, customers may elect from two return timetables:  

  • Six-Month Advance Notice Return to SCE Bundled Portfolio Service 
  • Under this option, the service account(s) included within the notice submission will remain with the existing energy supplier for six months. SCE will transfer the account(s) to the applicable SCE rate plans on your next scheduled billing date following completion of the six-month advance notice period.
  • The service account(s) will then need to stay on SCE BPS for a minimum of 18 months after SCE transfers the account(s) to SCE service. 
  • Immediate Return to SCE Transitional Bundled Service during Six-Month Advance Notice period 
  • Under this option, the service account(s) included within the notice submission will return immediately to SCE’s energy supply service on the next scheduled billing date and be placed on Schedule PC-TBS, Procurement Charge – Transitional Bundled Service for the remainder of the six-month advance notice period.  Service on Schedule PC-TBS will not count toward the 18-month commitment with SCE, consistent with Rule 22.1.   

If you are not sure if SCE (Southern California Edison) is for you, you can elect a 60-day grace period for finding another energy provider or return to your former provider based on 22.1 Switching Exemption Guidelines Sheet 1 A,2 the TBS provision is limited to a 60-day period. The 60-day period begins on the day DA Service is disconnected, which is the day SCE starts supplying power to the service account (day 1). By no later than the end of the 60-day period (day 60 of SCE supplying power), SCE must be in receipt of a Direct Access Service Request (DASR) from the customer’s new ESP (Electric Service Provider) to switch the account to DA.

If SCE does not receive a Connect DASR within the 60-day period, the customer is placed on TBS pricing for an additional six months. After the six-month period, the customer is placed on BPS (Bundled Portfolio Service) for an 18-Month commitment.

Customers have a three business-day rescission period after which the notice cannot be canceled.

For customers that are unable to enroll online, please download Insert Link to Form 14-794 PDF form included, complete the PDF fillable form fields, add attachment with list of accounts if applicable, and send completed form and attachments to

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If a CCA provider is available in your area, you need to contact them directly to inquire about enrollment options for your account(s). 

To determine if your account(s) is/are in a CCA service area and to locate contact information for each CCA, please visit Community Choice Aggregation (

Please note Direct Access customers returning to SCE Bundle Portfolio Service are subject to Switching Exemptions.  For more information read  Rule 22.1: Switching Exemption Guidelines.

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