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Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program applications will temporarily be added to a waitlist beginning September 1, 2022. An update will be provided January 2023.

Due to the high volume of applications for several options within the Charge Ready Program for light-duty vehicles, and to help ensure we remain within the approved port and budget parameters set forth by the California Public Utilities Commission, new applications for certain program options will be placed on a waitlist beginning September 1, 2022. Those program options include Charge Ready Infrastructure & Rebate, Customer-Side Make-Ready, and Multifamily Turn-Key Installation. Currently, applications are still being accepted and reviewed for the New Construction Rebate for multifamily dwellings and the Charge Ready Transport Program for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. These programs do not have a waitlist. Please keep in mind, however, that funding or program rebates are not guaranteed for any applications. As the Charge Ready team processes the current application pool, we will keep you updated on funding availability and the status of your application. The first update is scheduled for January 2023. For questions, please contact chargeready@sce.com.

Charge Ready Opportunities for Public Sector


Public sector properties and municipal facilities are often ideal locations for EV charging station installation. The Charge Ready Program and Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program are available to public sector leaders who want to guide California to a carbon neutral future with EV charging equipment. As a Charge Ready participant, you’ll be able to:

  • Show your community that clean energy is a priority
  • Take advantage of program funded infrastructure installation
  • Give employees the ability to charge during work hours
  • Provide EV-friendly public parking spaces for constituents and
  • Take advantage of rate plans designed specifically for EV charging stations.


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Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program

Program Highlights:

  • Provides program-funded EV infrastructure upgrades
  • For those interested in installing four or more EV charging station ports

Beginning September 1, new program applications are temporarily being added to a waitlist. An update will be provided January 2023.



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