Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC)

We make EV fast-charging equipment more affordable for property owners. Our DCFC program offers program-funded utility-side infrastructure upgrades and customer-side infrastructure rebates. EV charging equipment rebates are also available.

Program Overview 

The DCFC Program is available to publicly accessible, short dwell time (less than 2 hours) properties who choose to purchase and install two or more DCFC charging stations. The program covers the utility-side infrastructure upgrades and offers a rebate to help offset a portion of your cost of the customer-side infrastructure upgrades. Charging equipment rebates are also available to offset the purchase and installation of qualifying charging equipment.


How It Works

SCE will perform all the necessary utility-side of the meter infrastructure work. All participants will be required to design, procure, install, and maintain the customer-side infrastructure themselves. Participants will qualify for a rebate that covers a portion of the customer-side infrastructure work. This rebate amount will be determined and presented to participants after site assessment, but prior to commitment to the program. 

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Program Participation Requirements

If eligible, your business may benefit from the Direct Current Fast Charging Program (DCFC) which helps property owners install EV fast charging equipment at lower costs. The program covers utility-side infrastructure upgrades and offers rebates for customer-side infrastructure and EV charging equipment.

Select requirements include:

  1. The installation of a minimum of two EV charging station ports.
  2. Participants must operate and maintain the EV charging equipment for a 10-year duration.
  3. Required enrollment in SCE’s Demand Response program.
  4. Participants must ensure the charging equipment includes a network service and that usage and pricing information will be shared with SCE.
  5. Each site will be required to include at least one CCS and one CHAdeMO or NACS connector to ensure accessibility and optimize usage.
  6. Charging stations must be publicly available. 

You can find more specific eligibility and participation requirements in our DCFC Program Guide.

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Apply Today

If the Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Program sounds right for you, apply now. The second application window will be open from August 1, 2024, to September 30, 2024.

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