Safari Substation

Map of Safari Substation

The Safari Substation, constructed by Southern California Edison (SCE), will provide increased electrical capacity to meet the growing load demand of Irvine.

The project will include the following major components:

  • Construction of the new Safari 33/12 Kilovolt (kV) distribution level substation with perimeter wall and driveway access off of Scientific Way.
  • Installation of approximately 4 miles of two new underground 33kV distribution lines.

  • Fourth Quarter 2018: Construction will begin.
  • Fourth Quarter 2019: In service date.

SCE’s operation of the substation is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. To ensure safety and compliance with local building standards, SCE has been working in conjunction with the City of Irvine to bring this important project on line. The Safari Substation is necessary to ensure that SCE can continue to provide reliable service in the area.

To provide long-term reliability, address growing electrical needs and continuity of service to SCE customers in Irvine.

SCE values the environment and will minimize impacts to the community: noise, traffic, visual appearances, etc.

Most of the project work will be confined to the site with minimal impact to neighbors. Crews will also be working on the new 33 kV distribution lines leading to the substation, which may cause minor traffic impacts at times.