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Interconnecting Generation under SCE’s WDAT

SCE’s Wholesale Distribution Access Tariff (WDAT) describes the terms under which SCE provides open access to its distribution system to wholesale customers seeking to:

  • Interconnect generation facilities to SCE’s distribution system and deliver energy and capacity services to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) controlled grid (using SCE’s distribution system), or
  • Deliver energy or capacity services from the CAISO controlled grid (using SCE’s distribution system) to their customers.

The WDAT is not applicable for customers seeking service under SCE’s retail rates, or for delivering energy or capacity services that do not originate or terminate at the CAISO controlled grid, or for any other purpose not authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Each of California’s large investor owned utilities (IOUs) has its own WDAT. The information on this page serves as a reference for SCE’s WDAT. Specifically, this material is for developers of projects seeking to interconnect their generating facilities to SCE’s distribution system for the purpose of participating in wholesale energy transactions. In case of discrepancies between the content of this page and SCE’s WDAT, the currently approved WDAT will prevail. Note that the WDAT currently posted at may not reflect updates to the tariff that may be pending before the FERC.

Generator Interconnection Procedures. Currently, new requests for interconnection of generating units to SCE’s distribution system from wholesale energy producers are processed under the WDAT’s Attachment I - Generator Interconnection Procedures (known as the “GIP” or “G.I.P.”). Links to the WDAT, the GIP and all appendices are provided below.

DISCLAIMER: The guidelines in this section are provided with the intent to help SCE’s customers understand SCE’s Interconnection Procedures. However, in the case of discrepancies with SCE’s rules, such tariffs and regulations will prevail.