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Get On The List - Device Compatibility Testing

In order to help empower our customers to create personal area networks for their homes and businesses, we’ve begun testing products developed by manufacturers to work with our SCE smart meter. Pursuant to a mandate by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), SCE will publish on its website a list of devices that pass SCE testing and that are commercially available. If your business manufactures a commercially available, SCE smart meter-compatible product or device it may be eligible for our published list.

To thoroughly evaluate products and devices, we’ve developed a Home and Business Area Network Testing Laboratory. Products that pass our tests and evaluations for compatibility with the SCE smart meter will be published on our website.* The published list is made available to our customers to help them identify which ZigBee-enabled devices will likely connect successfully to the SCE smart meter to provide them near real-time energy usage information and enable them to enroll in various cost saving programs such as Save Power Day Incentive Plus.

The Submission and Testing Process

To have your product or device compatibility tested or retested in our lab, you must follow this submission process according to the California IOU Home Area Network Device Eligibility and Compatibility Validation Guide and SCE’s RF testing requirements. No device or appliance will be accepted that has exposed electronic components.

You can complete the Device Submission Form, Application and Agreement here. Print the form and physically sign the Release and Limitation of Liability – digital signatures are not accepted. Scan all pages and email to

We will review the documents for completeness, assign a tracking number and contact you by e-mail with our assessment of your submission. If complete we will give you instructions on shipping your devices and/or appliances to our testing facility.

Once we receive your products, the device or appliance will be scheduled for testing on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be advised when your device will be tested and of any scheduling changes.

After testing is completed, we will provide you with the test results (pass/fail), using the e-mail address you provided on the testing application form.

Frequently Asked Questions: SCE smart meter Compatibility Test

The compatibility testing described above does not deem the device ‘certified’ in any other respect, nor does it promise that all device functionality claimed by the device manufacturer will work correctly. Rather, the list of devices simply demonstrates that the device has passed compatibility testing with SCE’s smart meter. The CPUC’s mandate that SCE publish a list of compatible devices does not constitute an endorsement of those devices, nor does it represent an exhaustive list of devices that may be compatible now or in the future. As the CPUC stated in Resolution E-4527 (issued October 3, 2012), “To the extent the Utilities [including SCE] validate HAN [home area network] devices or publish information about the validation results for these devices, as directed in this Resolution, the Utilities shall not be held liable for the market success or failure of a third-party HAN device”.