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Underground Structures (UGS)

Current as of May 3, 2022

The UGS Manual provides guidance and standards pertaining to installing and working with underground structures for electrical facilities. The UGS Manual includes general information on concrete, steel, precast reinforced concrete structures and pull ropes, conduits, fittings and risers, handholes and pull boxes, manholes and vaults (poured and precast), semi-buried structures, frames, covers, and accessories. It is used by contractors, engineers, architects, and manufacturers engaged in the installation of underground electrical structures.

All of the documents below are in PDF format.

Questions and Answers About New Rule 20 Regulations

I Have Rule 20 Projects Under Construction. Do The New Rules Affect Me?

No. The changes affect future projects, not those under way.

What Are Arterial And Collector Roads?

An arterial road is used or is intended to be used primarily for fast or heavy traffic. A collector road carries traffic from minor streets to the major system of arterial roads, including the principal entrance streets of a residential development and streets for circulation within a residential area.

Did The Latest Changes Include Modifications To The Allocation Or The Allocation Formula?

No. The CPUC did not direct changes to allocation procedures.

New Rule 20 Rules Allow Up To 5 Years Of "Mortgaging" - What Does That Mean?

Mortgaging allows a local government to use up to five years of allocation amounts before they actually accumulate. Essentially, the local government may borrow five years of allocation to complete a Rule 20A project. The purpose of mortgaging is to help cities start and complete large projects faster.

Can The Local Government Demand The Allocation?

SCE makes every effort to accommodate local government requests to mortgage Rule 20A allocations. Utilities, upon request by a city or county, may disperse increased allocation, as long as they do not exceed five years' allocation. However, since funds come from the utilities, the utility has discretion of project participation, depending on resources available for Rule 20 allocations.

What Has SCE Done To Change Coordination & Procedural Requirements Between It And Cities?

SCE has taken the following measures to improve coordination and communications. We have:

  • Increased availability of SCE personnel to respond to questions and concerns from customers and local government officials, including a single point of contact.
  • Provided this information online to improve communications to customers about Rule 20 matters.
  • Begun revision of our Undergrounding Planning Guide for local government officials to make it more user-friendly.

Who May I Contact For General Rule 20 Information?

For information on Rule 20 in general, contact Talisa Lee at (714) 285-4336, or at