Regulatory Information - SCE Affiliate Notices

Notice of Release of Customer Information to Affiliates

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) rules require that Southern California Edison (SCE) post electronic notice prior to releasing customer information to one of SCE's affiliates. SCE does not release customer information to any third party, including its affiliates, unless it first obtains prior written consent from that customer to do so.

When SCE receives written customer consent to release information to one of its affiliates, SCE will post notice that it has received such consent on this page, prior to releasing the information to the affiliate. This notice will have a general description of the type of data to be released (for example, data regarding energy usage), but the notice will not disclose the customer's name, nor will it disclose the actual data. SCE may release this specific data only to those third parties expressly authorized by the customer to receive it.

Requests Received Authorizing Release of Customer Information to Affiliates

A customer of Southern California Edison (SCE) Company must initiate an affirmative written request before SCE may release information about that customer to one of SCE's affiliates. Listed below are entries which identify the type of data to be released, and the affiliate that the customer has authorized to receive the information. This posting is made in accordance with Ordering Paragraph 11 of California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) resolution E-3539. Entries may be removed from this website once the time period for the entry has been audited by the CPUC.

List of Customer Information Service Requests