Re-MAT Feed-in Tariff (Senate Bill 32)

The Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff (“Re-MAT”) implements the renewable resource feed-in tariff program pursuant to California Public Utilities Code (“PUC”) Section 399.20 and California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) Decision (“D.”) 12-05-035, D.13-01-041, D.13-05-034, D.17-08-021, and D.20-10-005.

Pursuant to D.20-10-005, SCE filed Advice Letter (“AL”) 4331-E and AL 4331-E-A seeking CPUC’s approval to modify SCE’s Re-MAT Tariff and PPA to re-open the Re-MAT program. The CPUC approved SCE’s AL 4331-E and AL 4331-E-A, as well as other pending advice letters (AL 3660-E and AL 3660-E-A) for the Re-MAT program on January 22, 2021, directing SCE to re-launch the Re-MAT program. In accordance with the CPUC’s approval, SCE began accepting applications for Re-MAT at noon on February 11, 2021 Pacific Time.

For more information, or to participate in Re-MAT, please visit the Re-MAT website located at Applicants must register with the site to participate in the Re-MAT program. Re-MAT documents, schedule, announcements and other information is available to the public on the site without registering.

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