Web Accessibility

Our Commitment

Southern California Edison recognizes that our customers have diverse abilities that create a variety of technology access needs. SCE is committed to providing a website and web applications that are accessible and usable by the widest possible audience. In launching our new website, our goal is inclusion. We expect that all of our customers - regardless of disability and using a wide range of assistive technologies - will be able to get the information they need and perform the interactions necessary to manage their relationship with our company.

Accessibility Guidelines

To achieve the highest level of accessibility across platforms, browsers, and assistive technology devices, SCE adheres to the web accessibility standard developed by the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). We have designed the site to meet the most widely followed global standard – the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA, which became the ISO standard for accessibility in October of 2012. Additionally, SCE has implemented WAI-ARIA to provide accessibility for dynamic web interactions and followed the WCAG2 techniques to provide maximum accessibility for the Flash media player.

Innovative Accessibility Features

SCE has implemented accessibility features in ways that are not yet common and so we want to make customers aware of them. What follows is an explanation of are some of the helpful features of the new SCE web site:

  • Layered mechanisms to skip to content of interest and bypass repetitive content.
  • Semantically structured content to aid in finding and using the specific information  you need.
  • Moving carousels that pause by default when the user focuses upon them – either using a mouse or keyboard focus. Note that the carousel scroll movement will resume when focus moves on. In order to permanently stop the scrolling content, user can simply select one of the items. This will stop the scrolling action for screen readers and other users.
  • Modal windows, media players, and other advanced features that can be easily controlled from the keyboard.
  • Alternative content for maps and other complex visual information.
  • Media players have close captioning and can be accessed by clicking on "CC".


SCE has implemented some features for which the accessibility relies on external software applications and is therefore not perfect. For example, modal windows allow keyboard access through the media player. Once the user tabs through all the choices in the window however, keyboard focus is lost. To regain keyboard focus in the media player, the page must be reloaded.

Having Trouble?

If you experience any barriers to finding the information you need or performing the tasks you want to achieve, please 1-800-409-2365. We want to help.