Energy Efficiency Financing

Financing Solutions for Your Home Energy Goals

When you invest in your home’s energy efficiency, you’re not just reducing your energy usage. You’re creating a more comfortable living environment and shrinking your carbon footprint. Southern California Edison offers state-administered financing programs that can help you reach your energy goals by spreading the cost of qualifying upgrades over time, putting greater comfort and energy savings within reach. Programs are available to support energy efficiency financing in single-family and affordable multifamily properties.


GoGreen Home Energy Financing

GoGreen Home provides attractive financing options for energy efficiency upgrades to help reduce your overall energy use and enhance the comfort of your home. You can even use up to 30% of the loan for non-energy home improvements like remodeling and landscaping. Single-family homes, townhomes, condos, manufactured homes, and properties of 1-4 units are eligible.

GoGreen Affordable Multifamily Energy Financing

GoGreen Multifamily offers attractive financing options to upgrade deed-restricted multifamily properties to be more energy efficient. Both in-unit and common area measures are eligible, and a portion of funds can go toward non-energy improvements such as landscaping and play equipment.

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