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Our residential customers will not be disconnected for non-payment when temperatures above 100 degrees are forecast in a 72-hour look-ahead period. During the heatwave, here are some tips to stay cool and conserve energy. Cooling center locations and hours are listed here: Find a Cooling Center. You can also call 2-1-1 for a cooling center near you.

Energy Efficiency Solicitations for Third Parties

Energy Efficiency Program Solicitations: Resources for Third Parties

SCE seeks innovative program ideas to be designed and implemented by third parties that focus on providing innovative approaches to support the best chance of achieving shared energy efficiency and state goals at the lowest cost to our customers. SCE is seeking to maintain at least 60% of our Energy Efficiency (EE) program portfolio operated by third parties. To meet this objective, various solicitations for program design and implementation will be scheduled to cover a range of sectors and segments (e.g., Resource, Equity, and Market Support) as current EE program contracts expire or the EE program portfolio evolves. These solicitations include:

  • SCE Local EE Solicitations 
  • Statewide EE Solicitations

Each solicitation will utilize either a two-stage or single-stage solicitation process. Two-stage solicitations will utilize a Request for Abstract (RFA) stage followed by a Request for Proposal (RFP) stage. Single-stage solicitations will utilize only the RFP stage. Offers shortlisted at the RFP stage will be invited to Negotiations. All Negotiations between Offerors and IOUs will begin with the CPUC Standard and Modifiable Contract Terms & Conditions.

Bidders who do not advance to the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage may request feedback via SAP® ARIBA®. Feedback will ONLY be provided individually to Bidders who request it. To maintain a fair and unbiased solicitation process, Bidders who request feedback will receive the same level of information, and the feedback will be provided at a high level only. 

Schedule of SCE Solicitations


Local: Residential Multifamily Solicitation 
RFP Release: November 8, 2023
RFP Proposal Due Date: January 10, 2024
RFP Negotiation Completion: June 2024
Execute Contract(s):  August 2024

Local: Industrial Large Customer, Comprehensive Project Solicitation 
RFP Release: December 11, 2023 
RFP Proposal Due Date: February 15, 2024
RFP Negotiation Completion: August 2024 
Execute Contract(s):  October 2024

Local: Market Access Program (MAP) Solicitation 
RFP Release: January 8, 2024
RFP Proposal Due Date: March 1, 2024 
RFP Negotiation Completion:  August 2024
Execute Contract(s):  October 2024

Local: Comprehensive Commercial Customer, Comprehensive Project Solicitation
RFP Release: February 28, 2024
RFP Proposal Due Date: April 29, 2024
RFP Negotiation Completion:  December 2024
Execute Contract(s):  March 2025 



Local: TBD, Niche Solicitation 
Tentative RFP Release: September 2024 
Tentative RFP Proposal Bidders Conference: Approximately 5 to 10 business days after RFP Release 
Tentative RFP Proposal Due Date: November 2024 

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Consolidated IOU Schedule of Solicitations

IOU Schedules are updated on a monthly basis. Please note that each solicitation schedule may vary and is subject to change. The official schedule is maintained on the California Energy Efficiency Coordination Committee (“CAEECC”) website (link below).

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Overview of the Solicitation Process

Bidders are required to self-register their company information for these upcoming SCE EE Solicitation opportunities and be included in the bid list for notifications by visiting the Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application (PEPMA) website. The actual RFA & RFP submissions will be accepted through SAP® ARIBA®. Therefore, bidders will also need to register on the SAP® ARIBA® website as well. Information to register on SAP® ARIBA® can be found below on this page under "Additional Resources".

Please register on PEPMA Prior to a solicitation release in order to receive a bid invitation. Once registered, your company will receive a bid invitation from SCE's Supply Management group with opportunity details and requirements. Bid documents and related information will appear in SAP® ARIBA® at the time.

Process Timeline:

RFA Stage Estimated 2-3 months
  • RFA Release
  • Bidder’s Conference
  • Abstract Submission Due
  • SCE Evaluates & Selects Abstracts
  • Bidder Shortlist Notification inviting Bidder to RFP
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RFP Stage Est. 8-11 months
  • RFP Release
  • Bidder’s Conference
  • Proposal Submission Due
  • SCE Evaluates & Selects Proposals
  • Bidder Shortlist Notification inviting Bidder to Negotiate
  • Negotiations will begin with the CPUC Standard and Modifiable Contract Terms & Conditions 
  • Final Price Refresh
  • SCE Evaluates & Selects Final Offers
  • Bidder Contingent Selection Notification
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Advice Letters & Implementation Places 3+ months

After contract execution, SCE submits a Tier 2 Advice Letter to the CPUC for approval of the contract if the contract is greater than or equal to $5 million and/or 3 years or longer.

Implementation Plans are due 60 days after contract execution or, if applicable CPUC Approval of the Tier 2 Advice Letter.

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Additional Resources

Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application (PEPMA)


We use SAP® Ariba® to manage our procurement activities. All RFA and RFP submissions are accepted through SAP® Ariba®. Third parties wishing to do Energy Efficiency business with SCE can register online.

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The CET is an application used to evaluate energy efficiency programs, measures, and portfolios. It is required in order to respond to an SCE EE Third-Party Solicitation RFP.

California Energy Data and Reporting System (CEDARS) Website

CET Training Video 

CET Training

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