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Your Energy Management Tools

Tools and Resources for Energy Management

Manage energy use and costs with helpful tools and resources.

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Like MPG's on your car, Energy Benchmarking helps you assess how your building performing.

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Financing for Your Energy Goals

Through financing programs, you may be able to spread the cost of qualifying measures and upgrades over time, with access to loan and lease terms that put energy efficiency within reach.

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Business Energy Advisor

Ready to find simple and often low or no-cost ways to make your business more energy efficient? Our Energy Advisor is an online survey that gives you customized savings recommendations. Plus, find out what uses the most energy in your building so you can maximize on your savings.

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Mobile Park Home

Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program

The Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program is a voluntary, three-year pilot program approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that allows mobile home park (MHP) and manufactured housing communities the opportunity to replace privately owned, master-metered/sub-metered electric and gas distribution systems with direct service for MHP residents.

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SCE Energy Manager®

SCE Energy Manager suite of tools helps you monitor, analyze, and report your company’s energy usage so you can more effectively manage your energy costs.

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