Business Billing


If you are a business customer, we offer several convenient billing options – Summary Billing, CD, and Electronic Data Interchange – to help you manage your accounts as simply as possible.

Whether you have a chain of restaurants, retail stores or manufacturing facilities scattered throughout our territory, you can consolidate all your electric charges on a single bill. This lets you:

  • Pay for all your service accounts with just one monthly payment
  • Save time and money managing invoices and paperwork
  • Enjoy improved access to electric consumption information
  • Compare your energy use at various locations easily and effectively

How It Works

With Summary Billing, you can have your single billing statement sent to the location of your choice. You can also track costs by grouping different budget items, departmental activities, types of service, or other billing functions for multiple locations into individual statements.

How To Enroll

Switching to a Summary Billing account is as easy as calling us at 1-800-655-4555.

This option is closed to new enrollments. For technical support, call us at 1-909-941-2680.

If you can conduct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and have access to a Value Added Network, you can receive – and pay – your billing information electronically. In addition to reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency, electronic billing enables you to:

  • Access billing and energy-use information more quickly and easily
  • Perform budget and trend analysis in a historical database with no data entry or paperwork required
  • Expedite the payment approval process to avoid late payment charges
  • Upload information directly into accounting systems
  • Eliminate costly data entry mistakes
  • Standardize electronic communications with all trading partners
  • Eliminate bills lost or delayed in the mail

How It Works

To ensure a smooth transition to EDI Billing, an Edison EDI representative will work closely with you and test selected accounts. Once testing and all aspects of the EDI transaction have been completed to your satisfaction, you will have a choice of which accounts you want on EDI. These accounts will be added to EDI and the paper bill will cease.

Billing Inserts and other important information normally received with your paper statement can be viewed in our Brochure Library. We transmit your bill via EDI on the same day that your bill would typically be prepared, so you have the information immediately. After reviewing the EDI billing transmissions, you can make payments using EDI by sending an electronic transmission in the ANSI ASC X12 format known as 820 remittance advice.

How To Enroll

To sign up for electronic billing, please call us at 1-800-655-4555 to speak to an SCE EDI representative.