Income Qualified Program

4/15/21 (Version 2.0)

Income Qualified Programs: Rate Discount Application


  1. You state that the information you have provided in this application is true and correct. You understand that you may be requested to provide updated documentation of eligibility at any time and agree to do so regardless of how you initially became eligible for the discount. You agree to inform Southern California Edison Company if you no longer qualify to receive the discount. You understand that if you receive the discount without qualifying for it, you may be required to pay back the discount you received. You understand that SCE can share your information with other utilities or their agents to enroll you in their assistance programs.
  2. You confirm the information provided is accurate, and agree to receive calls at the provided number, through an automatic-dialing announcing device (ATDS), or a prerecorded message from, or on behalf of, Southern California Edison for rebates, savings, or other low-income qualified program information. You understand that consent to receiving these calls is not required to enroll in this income-qualified program and that message and data rates may apply.