2022 System Reliability RFO Phase 2

Southern California Edison Company (“SCE”) is considering potential transactions for the procurement of additional power capacity (including demand response (“DR”) and energy-only resources). SCE is considering all incremental resources in this procurement, with a preference for resources that have an online date by June 1, 2022 but no later than October 1, 2022.

For this procurement, SCE is seeking offers of at least 1 MW and must be available during peak and net peak periods (4pm to 9pm). Specifically, SCE will consider:

  • DR resources from third-party DR providers
    • Such resources must be incremental to existing DR programs and shall be integrated into the CAISO market as economic DR (under a Proxy Demand Resource product) and must abide by all RA and CAISO rules
  • Supply-side resources
    • New resources that do not yet have full capacity deliverability status in 2022 will be considered. However, resources must be capable of providing energy/grid reliability benefits during the peak and net peak periods
    • New resources with full capacity deliverability status by their 2022 online date
    • Incremental capacity from existing power plants through efficiency upgrades & revised power purchase agreements
    • Generation that is at-risk of retirement
    • Acceleration of online date from a resource that is otherwise required to meet an LSE’s IRP target, e.g. acceleration to June 1, for a resource that would otherwise be online by August 1

SCE requests that interested market participants submit a Cover Letter with the following information:

  • Project/proposal description. Describe proposed project, product type and how the project is incremental
  • Contract type. SCE will provide the appropriate Pro Forma contract form
  • Technology type
  • Delivery Point
  • Project Site Control Status
  • Interconnection Status including status of all necessary Material Modification Assessment documents
  • Project Site Permitting Status
  • Background on Offeror including experience developing, operating and maintaining the resource or resources of a similar type

Interested market participants must fill out and submit one Offer Workbook per offer, up to 5 offers per resource. SCE prefers shorter term agreements. For supply-side Offers, a bidder can provide RA-only or RA with a put option for energy dispatch rights. The Offer Workbooks can be found on Power Advocate at:  


Both the Cover Letter and completed Offer Workbook(s) must be uploaded to PowerAdvocate by Friday, January 7, 2022 - 5pm Pacific Prevailing time. The Cover Letter and Offer Workbook should also be sent to the procurement’s Independent Evaluator - Sedway Consulting at Alan.Taylor@sedwayconsulting.com.

SCE reserves the right to modify the terms of or discontinue this procurement activity in its sole discretion and at any time without notice and without assigning any reasons and without liability of Edison International, SCE, or any of their subsidiaries, affiliates or representatives. SCE also reserves the right to select no bilateral proposals as an outcome of this procurement activity. SCE will not be deemed to have accepted any bilateral proposal, and will not be bound by any term thereof, unless and until an authorized representative of SCE has executed a contract and all other required agreements.  Any contracts executed pursuant to this procurement activity will be subject to California Public Utilities Commission approval.