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Billing Separation Update Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Separation for Business and Residential Accounts FAQ

As part of our ongoing billing system upgrade, we’ll be splitting residential and business accounts into separate bills. The following FAQs explain how you may be affected and what you can do to ensure the smoothest possible transition.

General FAQs

Why am I getting separate bills?

We’re upgrading our billing system and as part of this journey, we will be making modifications to our current process. This adjustment is the first in a series of incremental changes.

How do I know if I will be affected by the change to our billing system?

If you currently have at least one residential and one business account included on the same bill, you will be affected by the change. We will be notifying you of these changes along with your new customer account numbers.

When will I see changes to my billing?

You’ll begin receiving separate bills for your residential and business customer accounts starting with the billing statements you’ll receive next month. If you’re enrolled in My Account, you’ll automatically see your new customer account(s) appear after the split.

How many billing statements will I get now?

The number of billing statements you get will depend on how your residential and business customer account numbers are organized. At the very least, you will have two separate billing statements as illustrated in the chart.

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Will my rates change?

The changes to our billing system will have no impact on your current rate plans. While you will receive separate bills for your residential and business customer accounts, the rate plan you’re enrolled in will remain the same.

Will my existing customer account number change?

While your customer account number will stay the same for one of your customer accounts, one or more separate customer accounts will be created due to the billing update. Those accounts will have new numbers associated with them.

For example: If you currently have two service accounts (one residential and one business, also called a summary bill), under the new billing system, you will have two separate customer accounts. One of these accounts will have your original account number, while the other account will have a new account number.

If I’m enrolled in Community Choice Aggregation Service (CCA Service) or Direct Access (DA), do the changes apply to me?

Yes, these changes will apply to all SCE customers, regardless of whether you’re enrolled in CCA Service or DA, or not.

I was recently enrolled in CCA Service, is this why my account is changing?

No, these changes are not related to your recent enrollment with a CCA. These changes are based solely on SCE billing update requirements and impact all SCE customers.

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If you still have questions, please call 1-800-798-7723.