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Direct Install

Help for Small Businesses
Today’s economy is especially challenging for small businesses.  Many are aggressively seeking ways to cut expenses and better manage operating costs.  At Southern California Edison (SCE), we understand how energy costs can impact your bottom line…that’s why we offer the Direct Install program.

The Direct Install program is an excellent way for your business to reduce energy costs and save money.  This effortless program offers long-term savings to qualifying businesses by providing no- or low-cost energy efficient products, including installation.   

How Direct Install Works

We have contracted with highly-skilled energy efficiency experts who will come and evaluate your facility, free of charge, to identify energy-savings opportunities.

With your approval, the contractor will replace less efficient equipment with the program’s more modern energy efficient equipment.  Your business will use less energy, reduce its carbon footprint, and lower your electricity costs. 

Our approved contractors will complete the energy assessment and make recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your business.  If you agree with the recommendations and costs, if any, the contractor will ask you to sign an Authorization Form and schedule an appointment for a convenient time to install the equipment.  Installation of recommended energy-efficient equipment is fast and efficient, without any interruptions to your business. 

It’s really that easy.  There’s no catch.  Simply allow us to help your business use energy more efficiently, conserve precious resources, and improve your bottom line. 

Who Will Visit Your Business
To see approximately when a DI contractor may be in your area, please view the Direct Install Community Calendar.

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Programs are funded by California utility ratepayers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.