Critical Peak Pricing

Critical Peak Pricing

Get to Know Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)

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CPP is the default option for small, medium, and large business customers (Rate Schedules TOU-GS-1, TOU-GS-2, TOU-GS-3, and TOU-8) as well as large Agricultural and Pumping (Rate Schedule TOU-PA-3) customers. CPP provides four months of summer season bill credits in exchange for paying higher electricity prices during 12 to 15 annual CPP events. 

You can choose a rate without CPP at any time. Compare all your rate options below, but before you do, check out how CPP works. The program could lower your energy bill.

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How Critical Peak Pricing Works

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  • If you’ve signed up for notifications, you’ll be notified a day before a CPP event occurs. You can receive your notification by your choice of phone call, text, or email. CPP events can occur year-round any day of the week. You can receive event scheduled, event start, and event stop notifications by downloading and configuring the SCE Demand Response (DR) Alerts mobile application.
  • During the CPP event, you should lower your usage between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. because you will be charged at a significantly higher rate than normal for all usage during these hours.
  • Your energy usage during CPP Event Days will be charged at a higher rate for the duration of the events, as outlined in the tariff. SCE may, at its discretion, call a CPP Event any day of the week, CPP Events will be called based on any one of the following criteria:
    • California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) Watch, EEA-1, or EEA-2 Notice
    • Forecasts of SCE system emergencies – may be declared at the generation, transmission, or distribution circuit level
    • Forecasts of extreme or unusual temperature conditions impacting system demand
    • Day-ahead load and/or price forecasts

Business TOU - Summer & Winter

Business Time-of-Use Rate for Summer and Winter CPP events


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Who is affected by annual defaults?

Businesses with service accounts on a TOU rate plan for at least 24 months and on any of the following eligible TOU rate plans will annually default to CPP:

  • Small, medium, and large businesses (Rate schedules TOU-GS-1, TOU-GS-2, TOU-GS-3, and TOU-8)
  • Agricultural and Pumping customers with service accounts over 200 kW (Rate Schedule TOU-PA-3)

You’re safe with Bill Protection

For the first 12 months, we’ll guarantee you won’t pay more than if you had never enrolled.

Learn More About Bill Protection   


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Don't Miss DR Notifications

Download the free SCE Demand Response (DR) Alerts mobile application. Set up the app to receive notifications when a CPP event is scheduled, when it starts, when it ends, or all three.

Log in to My Account to update your contact preferences. Get email, phone, or text notifications for events to the contact of your choice for each of your service accounts.

*Please note that setting alerts does not enroll you in a DR program. Customers enrolled in DR programs are still responsible for event participation even if the notification is not received.

Download App Now 

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Compare Rate Options

See how the new TOU peak periods will affect you. Our Rate Plan Comparison Tool will help you compare rates based on your actual usage.

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Get the Facts About CPP

Find answers to frequently asked questions and energy-efficiency tips with our Critical Peak Pricing fact sheet.

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Save More with the Technology Incentive Program

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If you are enrolled in Critical Peak Pricing, you could get $75 back when you register your qualifying smart thermostat in the Technology Incentive Program.

During a CPP event, we will notify your smart thermostat provider to temporarily adjust the temperature setting on your thermostat to limit A/C usage at your business. You will always have the ability to adjust the temperature during these events, but this could affect your CPP event charges.

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Already Own a Smart Thermostat?

Enroll your smart thermostat in the technology incentive program. Click on your thermostat manufacturer below and you will be redirected to the home page to begin your enrollment.

Qualifying Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats:

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Need to Purchase a Smart Thermostat?

Visit the SCE Marketplace for valuable information about smart products, programs, and tools. 



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Tips to Reduce Energy Use During a CPP Event

Your business will not have to shut down operations to participate in CPP events. Instead, these tips can help reduce your energy usage during a CPP event.

  • Turn off all nonessential indoor/outdoor lighting, signage, window displays, fountains, and office equipment not in use.
  • Raise cooling thermostat settings to 78°F with a programmable smart thermostat.
  • Install sensory controllers on vending machines to shut them down for short periods.
  • Reduce production during CPP events or reschedule during Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak hours (when CPP events will not occur).
  • Unplug battery chargers and use only pre-charged equipment during On-Peak hours; charge battery-operated equipment before CPP events.

CPP Success Stories

Find this story and more at Business Energy Saving Solutions for Every Industry.

Robertson’s Ready Mix

"It takes a lot of electricity to power 55 plants and 10 mine sites used to produce ready-mix concrete and construction aggregates for projects in California and parts of Nevada. That’s why Robertson’s Ready Mix works closely with SCE to determine ideal options in our service territory to reduce electricity use, lower operating costs, and minimize impacts on the environment." 
~ Rob Lesch, Robertson’s Ready Mix Electrical Manager

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Have Questions about Critical Peak Pricing?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about critical peak pricing and other rate plans in our Help Center.

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Rate Plan Comparison Tool

Not sure what Rate Plan is best for your business? Try our Rate Plan Comparison Tool for Businesses. 

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Savings & Incentives

Looking for other ways to save money on your next bill?  We have several savings and incentive programs for businesses.

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