SCE EnergyManager®


Take Charge with the SCE EnergyManager® Suite of Tools

Introduce your business to the SCE EnergyManager® suite of tools to help monitor, analyze, and manage your business energy usage.

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Whether your business is medium or large, SCE EnergyManager® provides easy, web-based tools to help you manage energy costs. To be eligible, you must be a business customer with a monthly demand exceeding 200 Kilowatts at least three times in the past 12 months, and your business facility must have an approved interval data recorder (IDR) meter or Edison SmartConnect® meter.

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SCE EnergyManager®

SCE EnergyManager® can help you save energy, time, and money. This easy-to-use web-based tool provides your business with valuable information, such as:

  • Summary of minimum, maximum, and average energy usage
  • Energy usage and load peak in 15-minute intervals
  • Built-in charts and reports that supply you with the tools to manage your energy consumption more effectively and cost-efficiently
  • Access quarter-hourly, hourly, daily, and monthly usage data, with up to 36 months of historical data
  • Detailed cost and usage breakdown from bills
  • Ability to export billing data to a spreadsheet

Download the EnergyManager® Fact Sheet for more information.

This tool makes it simple for you with easy-to-use reports for further analysis, all at your fingertips!

Terms and conditions for the SCE EnergyManager® suite of tools are available when registering at My Account. Access the EnergyManager® Quick Start Guide to learn more about this tool and its features.