Catalina Island All-Source RFO

Catalina Island All-Source RFO

Pursuant to Application No. 21-10-005 (“Application for Approval of SCE’s Catalina Repower Project”), Southern California Edison Company (“SCE”) is launching the 2022 Catalina Island Clean Energy All-Source Request for Offers (“Catalina RFO” or “RFO”) to solicit offers from interested parties, including project sponsors and developers, for commercially viable energy solutions to complement the Catalina Island Repower Project and SCE’s long-term clean energy strategy for Santa Catalina Island. This competitive procurement seeks incremental resources, including eligible renewable resources, energy storage, demand response, and energy efficiency, which can come online no later than 2027 to serve Santa Catalina Island.

SCE encourages interested market participants to register on the RFO website to gain access to solicitation materials:

Catalina Island RFO Schedule

RFP LaunchDecember 21, 2022
RFO Bidders' ConferenceJanuary 6, 2023
Initial Offer Submittal Deadline January 5, 2024 - 2 pm PPT 
Shortlist Notification July 1, 2024 
Final Offer Submittal Deadline January 6, 2025 - 2 pm PPT 
Contract Execution February 28, 2025 
Tier 3 Advice Letter Filed May 30, 2025 


SCE reserves the right to revise any milestone, date or submittal requirement.

RFO Webinar Conference

SCE will host an RFO Bidder’s Conference Call on Friday, January 6, 2023, 10:00 – 11:30 am PPT. Please connect at Catalina RFO Bidders Conference Link or access by telephone.

Catalina Island RFO Webinar Recording Link (to be provided after January 6, 2023) 

SCE Contacts

If you are unable to access the PowerAdvocate® event to send a message (the preferred communication channel) or have questions about this RFO before registering at the above PowerAdvocate® link, please contact: 

Mark Burgunder (

Andrew Wang (