Budget Assistant: Always On Alert


Stay On Budget & In Control

Budget Assistant uses your account’s projected next bill and compares it to your selected spending goal and sends you an alert based upon your settings. You have an option to receive alerts weekly, mid-month of your billing cycle or only if you are projected to exceed your spending goal. This free*, easy-to-use tool will track your costs in close to real-time and send you alerts via email, phone or text to let you know how you’re doing. Prevent any high bill surprises by making changes before you receive your next bill.

Choose how often to be notified

  • Mid-month of billing cycle
  • Weekly
  • Only if I’m over my spending goal

Choose how you can receive alerts

  • Email **
  • Voice
  • Text
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Track your energy usage during COVID-19

Our efforts to stay inside can also mean that we’re using more energy at home. Signing up for alerts can help you track your energy usage and avoid a surprise high bill.

*Budget Assistant alerts are a free service; however, you may incur fees for voice or text alerts as applicable through your mobile service provider.

Enroll or Change Your Alert Settings

It’s easy to enroll or change your alert settings. Get Started

Note: Budget Assistant Enrollment eligibility requirements apply.

Three Ways to Make Budget Assistant Work for You

1. Use alerts as a tool to lower your bill

If you want to lower your bill by 10%, set your spending goals 10% lower than your average bill and select weekly updates. We’ll send you alerts to let you know how you’re performing against your spending goal so you have time to make adjustments to stay within your budget

2. Receive high bill alert warnings

Budget Assistant will warn you if you’re trending toward a higher than normal bill. Let’s say you’re okay with your average bill, but you don’t want it to go any higher. For example, if your average bill is $40, set your spending goal at $45.

Then select to be notified “only if I’m over my spending goal.” You’ll receive an alert when we forecast that your next bill is expected to go over that amount.

3. Track your projected bill amount

Interested in just getting an update midway through your bill cycle on what your bill is projected to be at the end of the month? Then select to receive your alerts Mid-month. You’ll receive an alert halfway through your billing cycle giving you an update on how much your bill is projected to be at the end of your billing period.

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How Your Projected Next Bill is Calculated

Curious on how we calculate your projected next bill? It’s simple, we use the energy you have consumed during your bill cycle to create a daily average. We then multiply that amount by the number of days remaining in your cycle and factor in your specific rate.

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