Information for CCAs

Discontinue community choice aggregation


Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) have the option to discontinue their CCA service and return their entire customer base back to bundled service.

CCAs have the option to return individual service accounts (SAs) to bundled service.

Please note CCA customers returning to SCE Bundled Service are subject to Switching Exemptions. For more information read Rule 22.1: Switching Exemption Guidelines, Rule 23: Community Choice Aggregation and Schedule PC-TBS: Procurement Charge Transitional Bundled Service.

Voluntary CCA Service Discontinuation

CCA Service Discontinuation Notification

Under voluntary discontinuation of a CCA service, a CCA is required to provide at least one (1) year advance written notice to the CPUC and SCE of its intention to discontinue its CCA Service. The CCA is required to provide its customers with a six-month notice and, at minimum, provide a second notice during the final 60 days before the CCA’s scheduled discontinuation of service.

To ensure an efficient discontinuation process, the CCA should coordinate the effort with the CPUC and SCE. The CCA will remain responsible for compliance with all applicable CPUC rules, California Independent System Operator (CAISO) requirements and load serving entity obligations. The CCA will be responsible for the customers’ electric power needs until the date each customer returns to bundled service and for all costs resulting from the CCA Service discontinuation. The CCA’s Service Agreement with SCE will be cancelled with its discontinuation of the CCA Service.

For additional information pertaining to the costs associated with a Voluntary Service Discontinuation, please refer to Schedule CCA-SF.

Involuntary Discontinuation

At any time a CCA can be revoked by the CPUC due to non-compliance or failure to meet its obligations under Rule 23 and CCA Service Agreement.

Re-establishment of CCA Service

At any time not less than three (3) years after discontinuation of CCA Service, the CCA’s eligibility to engage in CCA Service can be reinstated upon a reasonable showing by the CCA that the cause(s) of the CCA’s discontinuation have been cured, all past due charges and arrearages have been paid, with interest, and the CCA has re-established compliance with all then-current CPUC requirements, including credit requirements.

Contact Customer Choice Services

CCA Providers can contact the Customer Choice Services team by sending email to