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Local Planning 

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Whether you are requesting to upgrade or install new electrical service, or require an electric meter set, everything you need to develop and complete your project is available right here through SCE’s Local Planning department. SCE Planners help set the stage for new engineering and construction projects.

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Getting Started


When you’re ready to start your project, the first step is being assigned to one of our local service planners to collaborate with you. Your local planner will collaborate with you every step of the way throughout your entire project, including the design, construction, and scheduling installation of the electrical system to serve your project.

SCE is committed to completing your project in a timely, safe, and economical manner, and to meeting realistic design and construction time frames. Local planners support the regulatory requirements of SCE’s electrical distribution system by developing and designing plans, identifying necessary resources, and providing cost estimates and options for constructing distribution facilities.

What is the Local Planning Process? 

It starts with One, Two, Three, and you’re well on your Way!


Step One:

Contact SCE’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-655-4555 to request service. Select option 3 and follow the prompts. The Customer Service Representative will then assign your request to the appropriate local SCE Service Center. The service center will then assign your request to a local service planner, who will contact you within 5 business days. Please note that emergency work may affect this timeline.


Step Two:

Your assigned planner will contact you to discuss the details of your project (or, if applicable, provide results of a meter spot review) and request the completion of additional forms and information, which may include:

  • Submittal of a fully completed Customer Project Information Sheet
  • Design Option Letter – This Letter of Authorization is required for any projects requiring a drawing. If SCE design is selected, then SCE Local Planning will do the design. If the Applicant's design is selected, the project will be directed to Tract Planning to review the design that was created by an SCE-approved drafter. Speak with your assigned local planner for more information.
  • Site Plan(s) - CAD File (2018 version or earlier)
  • Temporary Power application
  • Outage request form
  • Panel single line
  • Load calculations
  • Grant deed
  • Additional information as applies to your project

Step Three

Your assigned planner will continue to collaborate with you to review and explain the timeline and scope of your project.

Remember to start early! This is a two-way conversation between the customer and the assigned planner. It’s important to have regular communication together to keep your project on track. Depending on the customer's construction timeline and the submittal/completion of all requirements, the energizing process varies in length of time (also contingent upon customer redesign requests & emergency work). The earlier you contact SCE to start your project, the better. Again, SCE is committed to servicing our customers’ needs by providing safe and reliable energy in a timely manner. Contact us today and get started.

See the chart below showing the general scope and deliverables for completing a project through SCE’s Local Planning department:

SCE Local Planning Timeline Infographic

Download the PDF version of the timeline.


Additional Resources

  • Customer Fact Sheet - CPUC Decision Eliminates Electric Extension Subsidies for Mixed-Fuel New Construction Projects
    This document aims to help customers understand the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC’s) December 21, 2023, decision to eliminate electric line extension subsidies for mixed-fuel new construction projects.
  • SCE Distribution Manuals