SCE’s Archaeology Program is responsible for the compliance, governance, and oversight of all of SCE’s activities that may impact cultural resources. The program oversees government agency engagement and coordination and provides guidance on all our utility projects licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission. Additionally, the Archaeology Program is responsible for developing measures to reduce and/or avoid impacts associated with carrying out work activities in the vicinity of cultural resources.

One very important function of the SCE’s Archaeology Program is to manage confidential data. Archaeological site location data is confidential. The Archaeology Program provides the tools to effectively use and protect confidential data, as well as organize and track cultural resources permitting, agency deliverables, and geospatial data. The Archaeology Program is responsible for managing the confidential digital and hard copy data in accordance with applicable compliance requirements. SCE’s employees and contractors must comply with the confidential data guidelines, laws, and regulations when these sensitive resources are discussed.   

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