Appliance Energy Use Cost Estimator

Appliance Energy Use Cost Estimator

See how much you can save by shifting
energy use to off-peak hours


Our Time-Of-Use plans are part of a statewide initiative designed to keep the electric grid reliable even when energy resources are in high demand. All TOU plans feature energy charges that vary based on the time of day, the day of the week, and the season. TOU plans can help you manage your energy costs. By taking advantage of lower rates on nights and weekends, you can avoid higher weekday rates when energy resources are in demand.

Rate Plans
TOU-D-4-9PM - Better for customers who stay up late. May benefit smaller households in coastal areas with moderately sized homes or condos.
TOU-D-5-8PM - Better for customers who end the night early. May benefit those who are home during the day and tend to live in smaller rented dwellings.
TOU-D-PRIME - A rate for electric vehicle owners and lessees, customers with energy storage systems, or customers with an electric heat pump system for water or space heating.


Discontinued Rate Plans*
TOU-D-A - Better for low and medium energy users (less than 700 kWh/month). TOU-D-A features higher peak rates that are offset by a monthly Baseline Credit.
TOU-D-B - Better for high energy users (more than 700 kWh/month). TOU-D-B features lower peak rates, but a higher daily basic charge and no Baseline Credit.


*Discontinued rate plans are no longer open to customer enrollment.


Rate Plan Seasons
Summer - June to September (4 months)
Winter - October to May (8 months)


Disclaimer: These cost estimates are based on average monthly usage of each appliance and currently applicable Southern California Edison (SCE) rates and is provided to illustrate potential bill impacts to help you understand how Time-of-Use peak periods impact the price you pay. Appliances with 3+ hours of average daily usage may cross into other peak periods. Additional usage is calculated at the next lowest price and included in the cost in an effort to provide the most accurate estimate of total potential cost impacts. The costs above are estimates and cannot be guaranteed to reflect future potential costs that might be experienced under these rate plans. Actual costs will vary due to changes in usage patterns, weather variability, taxes, and/or pending and future rate changes. Changes to these numerous variables will affect actual costs. These estimates do not include baseline credit amounts, or rate discount programs like CARE, FERA or Summer Discount Plan (SDP). Unfortunately at this time the TOU-D-T rate plan is not factored into our appliance tool.
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