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Regulatory Information - Open Access

Open Access Information


On this page you will find information on SCE's tariffs for wholesale customers under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC): the Transmission Owner Tariff and the Wholesale Distribution Access Tariff.

  • The Transmission Owner Tariff provides, in conjunction with the California Independent System Operator ("CAISO") tariff, certain terms and conditions for service utilizing SCE's transmission facilities that have been turned over to the operational control of the CAISO.
  • The Wholesale Distribution Access Tariff provides the terms and conditions for service utilizing SCE's distribution facilities that are under its operational control.

In this section, SCE posts its currently effective rates for transmission service and formula transmission rate information.

Attention: Information regarding SCE's generation interconnection process (including application forms, interconnection queue and circuit maps) has been moved. Please visit the SCE's interconnection webpage at:

SCE Transmission Owner Tariff

Stakeholder Review Process (SRP)

2020 Transmission Maintenance and Compliance Review (TMCR)


2019 Transmission Maintenance and Compliance Review (TMCR)

Transmission Owner Tariff (TOT) Combined - effective June 15, 2021

SCE Wholesale Distribution Access Tariff

Wholesale Distribution Access Tariff (WDAT) Combined - effective June 15, 2021

Public WDAT-Rule 21 Queue

SCE- WDAT and Rule 21 Interconnection Requests (Excel)

Financial Security Forms

Interconnection Application Forms

Pre-Application Reports

Environmental Services Work

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