FAQ for Customers

FAQ for Customers

Community Choice Aggregation Service

In 2002, Assembly Bill 117 was signed into law, allowing cities, counties, and Joint Power Agencies (JPAs) to form Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) to generate and/or purchase electricity for residents and businesses within a defined jurisdiction.

SCE continues to deliver the CCA’s procured energy to CCA Service customers through our transmission and distribution system. SCE also continues to provide meter reading, billing, maintenance, and outage response/restoration services.

Customers not wishing to participate in CCA Service can choose to opt-out. Opt-out options are subject to various terms or conditions.

This webpage is intended to aid in understanding SCE’s programs and requirements. It does not replace the California Public Utilities Commission-approved tariffs. In the event of a conflict between this webpage and SCE’s tariffs, the tariffs control. Please refer to the individual tariff for a complete listing of terms and conditions of service, which can be viewed online at sce.com/tariffs.

Bill protection calculations may differ if a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) is responsible for the generation of your electricity. For the months when SCE generated your electricity, you received bill protection for both generation and distribution charges. For the months when a CCA generated your electricity, you received bill protection for distribution charges only.

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