Cooling Centers :
Our residential customers will not be disconnected for non-payment when temperatures above 100 degrees are forecast in a 72-hour look-ahead period. During the heatwave, here are some tips to stay cool and conserve energy. Cooling center locations and hours are listed here: Find a Cooling Center. You can also call 2-1-1 for a cooling center near you.

Regulatory Information - SCE Affiliate Notices

SCE Affiliate Notices

Southern California Edison Company (SCE), an Edison International Company, has developed this website to notify interested parties of particular transactions between SCE and certain of its affiliated companies, should they occur, along with other required information. SCE posts this information in compliance with rules established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in December 1997, as revised.

Any person or corporation as defined in Sections 204, 205 and 206 of the California Public Utilities Code may complain to the CPUC or to SCE in writing, setting forth any act or thing done or omitted to be done by SCE or a SCE affiliate in violation or claimed violation of any rule set forth in the CPUC’s Affiliate Transaction Rules (ATRs). “Whistleblower complaints” will be accepted and the confidentiality of complainant will be maintained until conclusion of an investigation or indefinitely, if so requested by the whistleblower. When a whistleblower requests anonymity, the CPUC will continue to pursue the complaint only where it has elected to convert it into a CPUC-initiated investigation. Regardless of the complainant’s status, SCE will file a timely answer to the complaint.

All complaints shall be filed as formal complaints with the CPUC and complainants shall provide a copy to SCE’s affiliate compliance manager designee, Mark McGregor, Senior Manager of Affiliate Compliance Office, at, on the same day that the complaint is filed.

More information about SCE and Edison International can be found at the Edison International website: