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Energy Efficiency Solicitations for Third Parties

Energy Efficiency Program Solicitations: Resources for Third Parties

SCE seeks innovative program ideas to be designed and implemented by third parties that focus on providing innovative approaches to support and help provide the best chance of achieving shared energy efficiency and state goals at the lowest cost to our customers. SCE is targeting to have at least 60% of our Energy Efficiency (EE) programs operated by third parties by 2022. To meet this goal, various solicitations for program design and implementation have been scheduled to cover a range of sectors. These solicitations include:

  • SCE Local EE Solicitations 
  • Statewide EE Solicitations

Each solicitation will utilize a two-stage bidding process––a Request for Abstract (RFA) stage followed by a Request for Proposal (RFP) stage. See below for an overview of the bidding process.

Schedule of SCE Solicitations


  • SCE Local: Phase 1 - Sectors: Commercial, Industrial & Residential
  • RFP Release to Market: January 16, 2020 
  • Bidder’s Conference: January 30, 2020
  • Deadline for Bidders to Submit Offers: February 26, 2020
  • Statewide: Lighting Program
  • RFP Release to Market: February 6, 2020 
  • Bidder's Conference: February 13, 2020 
  • Deadline for Bidders to Submit Offers: March 16, 2020
  • Statewide: Electric Emerging Technology
  • Sector: Crosscutting 
  • RFA release: August 4, 2020
  • Bidder’s Conference: August 11, 2020 - 1:30 p.m. Pacific Prevailing Time

             Click here to join Skype Meeting Online
             Join by phone: 213-297-0156 
             Conference ID: 792757750

  • Deadline for Bidders to Submit Offers: September 9, 2020


  • SCE Local: Phase 2 – Public & Agricultural
  • Sectors: Public Sector & Agricultural
  • Estimated RFA release: TBD, Q4 2020 
  • Statewide: UC/CSU/CCC Higher Education & Water/Wastewater Pumping
  • Sector: Public Sector
  • Estimated RFA release: TBD, Q4 2020 


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Schedule of Upcoming Solicitations

IOU Schedules are updated at a minimum on a quarterly basis. Please note that each solicitation schedule may vary and is subject to change.

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Overview of the Solicitation Process

Bidders are required to self-register their company information for these upcoming SCE EE Solicitation opportunities and be included in the bid list for notifications by visiting the Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application (PEPMA) website. The actual RFA & RFP submissions will be accepted through SAP/Ariba. Therefore, bidders will also need to register on the SAP/ARIBA website as well. Information to register on SAP/ARIBA can be found below on this page under "Additional Resources."

Please register on PEPMA Prior to a solicitation release in order to receive a bid invitation. Once registered, your company will receive a bid invitation from SCE's Supply Management group with opportunity details and requirements. Bid documents and related information will appear in SAP/ARIBA at the time.

RFA Stage Est. 2-3 months
  • RFA Release
  • Bidder’s Conference
  • Abstract Submission Due
  • SCE Evaluates & Selects Abstracts
  • Bidder Notification
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RFP Stage Est. 7-9 months
  • RFP Release
  • Bidder’s Conference
  • Proposal Submission Due
  • SCE Evaluates & Selects Proposals
  • Bidder Notification
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Negotiations and Contracting Est. 2+ months

Contracts less than $5 million and shorter than 3 years:

  • Third-party submits Implementation Plan within 60 days of an awarded contract

Contracts greater than or equal to $5 million and/or 3 years or longer:

  • Third-party submits Tier 2 Advice Letter to CPUC
  • Third-party submits Implementation Plan within 60 days of CPUC approval
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Additional Resources

Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application (PEPMA)


We use SAP® Ariba® to manage our procurement activities. All RFA and RFP submissions are accepted through SAP® Ariba®. Third Parties wishing to do Energy Efficiency business with SCE can register online.

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