Supporting the Diverse Communities Around Us

In 2011, we gave nearly $17 million to 2,400 nonprofits across central, coastal, and Southern California and more than 79% went to support programs benefitting underserved communities and groups. We look for opportunities that demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity and meeting the needs of underserved communities.

Participating in the California Utility Diversity Council

As an active member of the California Utility Diversity Council, we are dedicated to its vision and goals. The Council brings together the CPUC, businesses, and regulated California utilities including cable, electricity, gas, telecommunications, and water.


Our Consumer Advisory Panel

Our 22-member Consumer Advisory Panel helps us understand issues that matter to the 14 million Californians we serve, while also helping us to examine how to serve them better.  Formed of respected opinion leaders from diverse backgrounds, the panel meets regularly with our senior leaders and board of directors. The panel includes 13 women and 14 minorities.

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Consumer Advisory Panel: 4 Objectives

  1. Advising our senior management on public policy and consumer issues
  2. Raising awareness about legal, political, and regulatory issues facing our industry
  3. Promoting public awareness about our initiatives of interest to consumers and our positions on issues
  4. Nurturing meaningful dialogue with opinion leaders from consumer groups, community-based organizations, environmental groups, educational institutions, economic development organizations, small business, civic groups, and government bodies

Our Contributions: Breakdowns By Population Served  (2011)

      Total Dollars    
Total Corporate Contributions in California      $15,975,254    
Total Corporate Contributions, Outside of California $924,746    
2011 Contributions $16,900,000    
Contributions By Ethnic Group      Amount % of Ethnic % of Total
Latino/Hispanic $4,140,650 62.37% 58.44%
African American $1,409,425 21.23% 8.82%
Asian/Pacific Islander $813,750 12.26% 5.09%
American Indian/Alaska Native $275,500 4.15% 1.72%
Total Ethnic $6,639,325 100.00% 41.56%
Contributions By Other Group Amount % of Total
Low Income $5,225,244 32.71%
Female $246,150 1.54%
Disabled $241,715 1.51%
Seniors $176,350 1.10%
Gay/Lesbian/Transgender/Bisexual $152,250 0.95%
Total Other $6,041,709 36.31%
Total Contributions, Ethnic Groups $6,639,325  
Total Contributions, Other Groups $6,041,709  
Total Contributions for Underserved Populations $12,681,034  
California Underserved vs. Total California Contributions   79.38%
Total Not Targeted $3,294,220  
Total California Underserved $12,681,034  
Total California Corporate Contributions $15,975,254