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Save Power Day Incentive Plus Smart Thermostat Program Terms and Conditions

01/26/2018 (Version 2017)

Save Power Day Incentive Plus (Smart Thermostat) Program
Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to the Save Power Day Incentive Plus program option for smart thermostats within Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Save Power Days Program. This program option is also referred to by its tariff name, Peak Time Rebate with Enabling Technology - Direct Load Control (PTR-ET-DLC).


Eligibility & Requirements

In order to qualify for Save Power Day Incentive Plus (smart thermostat), you must enroll your new or existing smart thermostat in the program through one of our approved service providers. Please note that the service providers (e.g., Energy Hub, Nest Labs, Venstar Inc., Whisker Labs, or Zen Ecosystems Inc.) may refer to our program as Save Power Days or use a different brand name (e.g., Smart Savers SoCal, Rush Hour Rewards.) You must also meet the following eligibility requirements.

  1. Qualified Wi-Fi thermostat connected to a working central A/C
  2. An internet connection
  3. Residential “Bundled Service” customer with an eligible Edison SmartConnect® meter.
  4. You must not be enrolled in any of the following programs, rate plans or services:
    • Demand Response programs or rates offered by Non-Utility Demand Response Service Providers
    • Any temporary pilot rates (e.g., TOU Pilot)
    • All types of Medical Baseline Allocations
    • Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)
    • Domestic Seasonal (DS)
    • Domestic Multiple (DM)
    • Domestic Multiple Service 1 (DMS-1)
    • Domestic Multiple Service 2 (DMS-2)
    • Domestic Multiple Service 3 (DMS-3)
    • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Service
    • Direct Access (DA) Service
    • Summer Discount Plan

Participation Period

Eligible customers may elect to opt-in or opt-out from the program at any time by contacting their smart thermostat service provider, and the rate change will be effective on the next calendar day from when the request is processed. Customers may also call SCE to opt-out from the program.

Smart Thermostat $125 Sign-Up Bonus

SCE has partnered with SoCalGas to offer a temporary one time sign-up bonus of up to $125 to customers who enroll in the Save Power Day Incentive Plus program through one of SCE’s authorized smart thermostat service providers. The sign-up bonus is provided to customers, in the form of a bill credit, following successful enrollment. The following conditions apply:

  • The sign-up bonus is for new enrollments effective on or after July 6, 2016 and available until funding is exhausted.
  • The $125 sign-up bonus is a joint rebate funded by SCE and SoCalGas, and wholly funded by SCE (beginning 12/1/17) if you are not also a customer of SoCalGas.
  • SoCalGas will not authorize the $50 sign-up bonus in the event you enroll in the program but are not eligible for SCE’s $75 sign-up bonus.
  • Customers previously enrolled in the Save Power Day Incentive Plus (Smart Thermostat) program for the same service account dating back to January 1, 2015 will be ineligible for the sign-up bonus.
  • Enrolling in any other portion of the Save Power Days program that is not through one of our authorized smart thermostat service providers does not qualify you for the sign-up bonus.
  • If your service account closes or you disenroll from the Save Power Day Incentive Plus (Smart Thermostat) program before SCE can process any portion of the sign up bonus, your sign up bonus will be cancelled.
  • Sign-up bonuses are limited to one per service account and will not exceed $125. Enrolling multiple smart thermostats for the same account will not increase your sign-up bonus amount.
  • Customers who have more than one service account (e.g., a second home) and enroll in the program may be eligible for more than one sign-up bonus.
  • Bill credits can be processed within one to two billing cycles.

Save Power Day Incentive Plus Bill Credits

To calculate your earned bill credits, we compare your usage during the Save Power Days event to the average of the three highest usage days of the previous five non-event, non-holiday week days during the same 2 p.m.to 6 p.m. time frame. This method establishes a Customer Specific Reference Level (CSRL), which is used to determine the kWh reduction for each Save Power Days event in order to calculate a bill credit. If your usage is lower on the Save Power Day to the CSRL, you’ll earn a bill credit of $1.25 per each kWh reduced. You can expect to see bill credits on your next SCE bill statement for any energy savings reduction achieved.

If the usage to calculate a CSRL is not available, due to a new service turn-on or Net Energy Metering (NEM) activation, customers will not be eligible for the bill credit for that particular event.

Save Power Days Events

Save Power Days can occur anytime through the year during non-holiday weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. When a Save Power Days event is called, we will notify your smart thermostat service provider a day in advance that an event will take place the following day. Your smart thermostat service provider will notify you of the event and may adjust your smart thermostat to pre-cool your home and/or change the temperature setting to reduce energy usage during the event. You always have the option of adjusting your temperature setting, based on your comfort and choice during Save Power Days. However, be aware that changing the temperature settings during this period may compromise any bill credits you can earn. For even greater savings, consider turning your temperature setting up a few more degrees, or turning your A/C off.

Qualified Service Providers

Qualified service providers for this program are EnergyHub, Nest Labs, Simple, Venstar, Whisker Labs, and Zen Ecosystems Inc. Neither SCE nor SoCalGas endorses, qualifies or guarantees, and neither is responsible or liable for the products or services offered by the qualified service providers. Customers who choose to participate in this program are not obligated to purchases any additional goods or services.

Complete Tariff Information

This information is meant as an aid to understanding SCE’s Save Power Days Incentive Plus Program option with Smart Thermostats. It does not replace the CPUC-approved tariffs. Any inconsistencies between this material and SCE’s tariffs are unintended, and the tariffs prevail. Please refer to SCE’s Tariff Books for a complete list of terms and conditions of service.

This program is funded by SCE's ratepayers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.


© 2017 Southern California Edison, SoCalGas, Smart Connect, EnergyHub, Nest Labs, Venstar, Inc., Whisker Labs, and Zen Ecosystems Inc. are registered trademarks of their respective companies. All rights reserved.

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