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Stay Aware. Stay Safe

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At Home

At Home

Safety is important, and reviewing electrical safety tips with friends, neighbors, and loved ones can help them stay safe. If there’s a downed wire, stay away. Do not approach or touch the wire, or any person or object in touch with the wire. Call 911 and inform the operator it’s an electrical emergency. You can help friends, neighbors and loved ones stay safe by reviewing electrical safety tips with them.

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Stay clear zone, minimum of 10'


Always be aware when you’re around overhead power lines. Stay at least 10 feet away from both overhead power lines and electrical facilities, and never approach or touch overhead power lines or any person or object in contact with the lines.

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Are You Prepared?

American Red Cross, PrepareSoCal and Edison International Logo


Our parent company, Edison International, is partnering with the American Red Cross to increase emergency preparedness throughout Southern California. Our joint effort, PrepareSoCal will help save lives by teaching people how to stay safe and how to respond to emergencies.

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