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Summer Discount Plan

Turn Up Your Credits or Comfort

Earn up to $200 in credits on your energy bill with Summer Discount Plan.  Flexible program options let you choose your level of comfort and savings.  There’s no cost to enroll or participate in the program and you can manage your preferences anytime.  


Summer heat can put a strain on electrical grids, so allow us to remotely turn off or cycle off your air conditioner (A/C) for a limited time.

How It Works


Air Conditioner

When you participate in the Summer Discount Plan, you save by voluntarily allowing us to shut down your A/C for up to 6 hours a day during “energy events” we may call during periods of  high electricity demand, or emergencies. We supply and install a device on your home or central-A/C unit to remotely shut it off during energy events.

You can choose your level of participation from 4 options: Save more with our “standard” option, or choose the flexibility of our “override” option, which lets you opt out of up to 5 energy event days a year. Then decide between Maximum Savings (100% cycling) or Maximum Comfort (50% cycling.)

Options Maximum Savings Cycling: A/C may be shut off for up to 6 hours a day Maximum Comfort Cycling: A/C may be shut off for 15 minutes each half hour for up to 6 hours a day
Standard Save up to $200* Save up to $100*
Override Save up to $100* Save up to $50*

Earning Bill Credits

Credits on your electricity bill will be based on your current rate, the size of your A/C, which program you choose, and how much electricity you use. Credit calculations are based on the accurate actual amperage for each air conditioner unit. The actual formula used is: Single Phase (Amps x Volts) / 1,400 + .09 = Tons.
Your Summer Discount Plan bill credits will be automatically applied to your monthly statements between June 1 and Oct. 1, starting your bill cycle after we have installed, verified, and activated the cycling device(s) on your A/C.

For further details, refer to these tariff schedules:
Schedule D (pdf)  
Schedule D-SDP (pdf)

Net Energy Metering

Net Energy Metering (NEM) credits received under Schedule NEM may offset in whole or in part the program credits associated with the Summer Discount Plan.

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Terms & Conditions

Read our Terms & Conditions for the Summer Discount Plan.

Summer Discount Plan Energy Events

Summer is a time to take a load off. That’s why our Summer Discount Plan remotely shuts off your A/C during energy events. We may call an energy event in response to emergencies, overworked electrical grids, high wholesale energy prices, or as part of testing.

An energy event can happen at any time during the year, but will never last more than 6 hours a day (with the possible exception of a system emergency).

You can access information on energy events in progress at any time.

Residential SDP Minimum Usage Eligibility Requirement

On January 1, 2017 Southern California Edison (SCE) implemented a minimum electric usage requirement for SDP program eligibility. Residential accounts participating on SDP must register the use of a minimum of 1.5 kWh, one hour before or after, in at least one SDP event per calendar year to remain eligible to participate in the SDP program.

SCE will conduct an annual review of customer’s electric usage by no later than January 31 of each calendar year. At the annual review time, SCE will determine in its reasonable discretion if a customer has met the Minimum Usage Eligibility Requirement. Customers removed from the program for failing to meet the Minimum Usage Eligibility Requirement, will not be allowed to re-enroll for 12-months following their removal.

My Account users can monitor their home’s performance towards meeting SCE’s Summer Discount Plan (SDP) Minimum Usage Eligibility Requirement. Download our step-by-step guide to learn how.

If you’re not a My Account user, click here to register.

For additional details about Summer Discount Plan, including the Minimum Usage Eligibility Requirement, see our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Summer Discount Plan? Maybe you’re wondering if all your electricity shuts off in addition to your A/C (no), or if your A/C can be turned off more than once a day (yes), or if there’s a cost to join the Summer Discount Plan (no, it’s free!). For answers to these and other questions, please see our FAQs.

*The estimated savings amounts represent the savings a resident could enjoy with a typical 4.5-ton central air conditioning unit. Savings could increase with larger units and decrease for smaller ones. Maximum credit amounts are subject to certain minimum usage requirements and vary by central air conditioner tonnage. Credits based on enrollment in program from June 1 to October 1. Enrollment after June 1 will result in prorated savings beginning from the first meter read date after your application is processed and your device is installed and activated. SCE may also cycle off your A/C for evaluation or testing purposes. The credit amounts and program options are subject to change by the California Public Utilities Commission. Customers receiving a medical baseline allocation for air conditioning under Schedule MB-E are not eligible to participate in the Summer Discount Plan. Net Energy Metering (NEM) credits received under Schedule NEM may offset in whole or in part the program credits associated with the Summer Discount Plan. Participation in the Critical Peak Pricing rate may also reduce the maximum credit amounts. Such participation is subject to change, pending CPUC decision. This information is meant as an aid to understanding SCE’s Summer Discount Plan. It does not replace the CPUC-approved tariffs. Any inconsistencies between this material and SCE’s tariffs are unintended, and the tariffs prevail. Please refer to SCE’s Tariff Books for a complete list of terms and conditions of service. This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. ©2013 Southern California Edison. All rights reserved.

PLEASE NOTE: No authorized SCE representative will ever ask you to pay for advice on how to save money or energy through our programs.

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