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Save Power Days – Unplug for the Afternoon

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A Sweet Way To Earn Up to $100* In Bill Credits This Year

By reducing electricity use on scheduled Save Power Days, you can earn up to $100* in bill credits. Enroll now to receive text, phone, or email alerts the day before an event so you can prepare to reduce your energy usage. If you’re already enrolled in Save Power Days, you can update your alert preferences at any time.

How It Works

We call Save Power Days about 12 times per year, only on non-holiday weekdays. Once you enroll and set your alert preferences, we will notify you the day before a Save Power Day is called. 

To participate, you’ll need to reduce your electricity usage between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. during Save Power Days. Participation is voluntary: you don’t have to reduce your electricity usage and there’s no penalty for not doing so; however, the more energy you save during a Save Power Day, the more you can earn in bill credits.

Tomorrow is a Save Power Day 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Stay Notified With Alerts

When you enroll in Save Power Days, we’ll notify you the day before each Save Power Day event, via your choice of text, phone, or email so you can take full advantage of the program. Already enrolled? Log in now to change your alert settings.

Stay Notified With AlertsChange Settings

How We Calculate Bill Credits

To calculate your earned bill credits, we compare your usage during the Save Power Day event to the 3 highest usage days for the previous 5 days during the same 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. time frame. If your usage is lower on the Save Power Day, you’ll earn a bill credit of $0.75 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) reduced. That can add up to big savings.

For example: If you use 5 kWh during a Save Power Day event, and your average usage for the 3 highest usage days for the previous 5 days was 10 kWh, you’ll earn $3.75 in bill credits for that day. Multiply that by 12 and you could earn up to $45 in savings for the year.

Save Power Days vs. Summer Discount Plan

Two of our most popular savings incentives are Save Power Days and Summer Discount Plan. Each offers a unique way to save energy and earn bill credits: Save Power Days gives you the option to reduce energy use during planned events by turning off or unplugging appliances; Summer Discount Plan allows us to cycle off only your air conditioning during periods of high demand. Occasionally we’ll call a Save Power Day and Summer Discount Plan event on the same day, which means you can save even more! Learn more about Summer Discount Plan and enroll today to maximize your savings during the summer months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to participate in Save Power Days?

If you are a residential customer, and you have a Smart Meter installed at your home, you’re eligible to enroll in Save Power Days.

When will I receive my bill credits?

Your credits for any Save Power Days you participated in during a given billing period will appear in your monthly bill for that same billing cycle.

Can I view my bill credit in My Account online?

Yes, your bill credit will appear in My Account under “billed usage.” You will be able to see the accumulated bill credit you earned for the month, as well as on a per-event basis.

How to view your Save Power Day Savings

The credit you saved by participating in a Save Power Day event will be available on My Account after your next billing date following an event. Just follow these simple steps to see how Save Power Day is working for you!

  1. Log into My Account

  2. Upon logging in, you will be in the overview section of My Account. At the bottom left square you will find the “Billed Usage” section. Click on the “July 2014 in Detail” option. (the most recent billed month will be referenced)

    bill usage image

  3. To see your Save Power Day credits earned choose the “View Save Power Day Incentive Event(s) option.

    image billed month

  4. Choose one of 3 ways to view the amount of money you have saved by participating on the Save Power Day Program


By Individual Event Bill Period Event(s) Last 12 Months Event(s)
image individual event image bill period event image last twelve months event

Can I participate in Save Power Days if I have a smart thermostat or similar technologies?

Households with smart thermostats and other qualifying enabling technologies are offered an additional $0.50 per kWh saved in bill credits during Save Power Days events - that’s in addition to the $0.75 per kWh saved with Save Power Days.

Can I sign up for other bill credit programs?

Yes. In addition to Save Power Days, you can also participate in Summer Discount Plan.

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