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Evaporative Cooler Rebate

Get Up to $400 Back on an Energy Efficient System.

How an Evaporative Cooler Works

Evaporative coolers work best in warm, dry climates. Outside air is blown through moisture-filled pads. Evaporation lowers the air temperature before a blower circulates the air throughout the house. The blower itself also adds to the cooling effect.

How Our Evaporative Cooler Rebate Works

Your new evaporative cooling system must

  • Be permanently installed, not window-mounted
  • Have UL recognized electrical components
  • Come with a water quality management system that provides positive removal of sump water at regular intervals. A bleed system is not allowed
  • Have a single duct or multi-ducted distribution system
  • Have either a multi-function manual control switch or a thermostat specifically for evaporative coolers
Rebate Amounts
Product Purchased Jan 1 to Dec. 31, 2013
Qualified Evaporative Cooler Get $300 back
Qualified Evaporative Cooler with Dampers Get $400 back

How to Apply

  • Select a qualified evaporative cooling system — View Options
  • Purchase and install your evaporative cooler
  • Complete the rebate application and mail in the required documentation before funding runs out
  • Be sure to include your service account number from a recent SCE bill
  • Mail-in documentation must be postmarked by February 28, 2014
  • The rebate is up to $400 per unit
  • You must agree to the program requirements listed in the Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Application, listed below


Mail Application

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Hot and Cold Facts

Get savvy on heating and cooling systems or download our maintenance and installation fact sheet.

  • Limit on evaporative cooling system rebate per residence.
  • A multi-function manual control switch must offer high and low fan speed, pump on or off, and the unit control of on or off. When a multifunction manual control switch is used, pressure relief dampers are not required.
  • A thermostat specifically designed for evaporative coolers must automatically control the unit operation based on the indoor temperature, fan speed, and pump operation. The automatic thermostat must be mounted remotely from the cooler. If new pressure relief dampers are installed, they must be indicated on your proof of purchase.
  • This rebate is part of the Home Energy Efficiency Rebate (HEER) program. HEER is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and is effective until funding is expended or the program is discontinued by the California Public Utilities Commission. The program is funded by California utility customers and is administered by Southern California Edison under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Read Terms.
  • Under California law, models of certain types of appliances must be certified by the California Energy Commission before being sold or offered for sale in California. Before purchasing an appliance, search for your desired model in the Energy Commission’s database. View Database
  • Some products in the Energy Commission’s database are not eligible for SCE rebates because they do not meet our high energy-efficiency requirements.