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Take Our Advice: Home Energy Advisor

Step By Step Savings

Our Home Energy Advisor helps you manage your energy use and maximize your savings.

It’s Time to Get Personal

The free Home Energy Advisor is like your personalized savings program. It begins with a detailed analysis of your household energy use, provides customized recommendations on ways to save and serves as a valuable tool, tracking your progress, updating your actions, and illuminating your savings.

Information Is Power

The more you know about your energy use, the more you can save. Here are the many ways the Home Energy Advisor works for you:

  • Custom Recommendations: Respond to the energy survey and find out your household's specific energy saving options
  • Projections by Priority: Get savings projections in order of priority to maximize your energy efficiency
  • Break It Down: Learn how your energy use breaks down by type, including appliance use, water heating and more
  • By Comparison: See how your home energy use compares to that of other households
  • Two Ways to Save: Discover how saving energy helps you save money 
  • Programs & Rebates: See how participating in energy-saving programs, such as Demand Response and rebate initiatives, helps you realize your unique household energy strategy
  • Going Solar? Easily calculate what size solar panels will best fit your home, needs, and efficiency goals.