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Charge and Save

Plug In Off Peak

Electric vehicles are great for the environment and can help reduce your fuel costs, plus you can see additional savings if you charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours.

Start by reviewing the rate options below. When you’re ready to buy or lease or if you already have an EV, be sure to call us at 1-800-4EV-INFO to talk to one of our SCE Home Fuel AdvisorsSM who will help you choose a rate plan that best fits your needs.

Electric vehicle owners have three options. You can either choose one of our two time-of-use rate plans which offer lower costs for charging your EV at night, or you can opt to stay on your current Residential Rate Plan. Additional information is provided below.

The new Residential Time-of-Use Plan may help to reduce your electric vehicle charging costs because it offers a longer off-peak period when electricity prices are the lowest, and a shorter on-peak period when electricity prices are the highest. Additional information is provided below.

Important information for current TOU-D-TEV Customers

The new Residential Time-of-Use Plan, TOU-D, was introduced January 1, 2015 to replace our Home & Electric Vehicle Plan, TOU-D-TEV. Current TOU-D-TEV customers will be transitioned to the new rate during March and April 2015. You can decide to remain on this new plan, or switch to another rate plan of your choice.

Learn more about Residential Time-of-Use (TOU-D) NEM >

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