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Residential Rate Plans

Residential Rates

Your home, the size of your family, your schedule, and your lifestyle all play a part in determining your electricity needs. Our plans are designed so you can find the right fit and get the best rate specific to your household’s lifestyle. We’ve laid out all of your options and the residential rate plans available for you.

Rates Are Changing

Rates Are Changing

You have the right to know how your energy bill may be affected.

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Which Plan Works for You?

Our rate plans are designed to help you find the rate that may be best for you, based on your household and lifestyle. To learn more, watch this video or compare your rate options.

Standard Residential Rate Plan

Our Standard Residential Rate Plan (Schedule D) is the plan serving most residential customers. This rate includes a base monthly charge and a tiered rate that increases as energy use increases.

Time-Of-Use (TOU) Residential Rate Plans

If most of your electricity usage is on weekends, mornings or later weeknights, TOU may be right for you. Our TOU plans include a base monthly charge and different rates based on "when" and "how" much energy you use.

Electric Vehicles Rate Plans

There are several rate plan options for those who own or lease an electric vehicle (EV). Find out which works best for you.

Additional Options and Incentive Plans

Medical Baseline

Do you have a full-time medical condition that requires electricity-powered life support equipment? You may be eligible to receive additional baseline allocation.

Generating Your Own Power/Net Energy Metering (NEM) Option

Whether you produce solar or wind, this optional program may help you save even more.

Help With Your Bill

You could be eligible for a monthly discount on your bill. Learn more about programs and resources to help you pay your energy bills.

Budget Assistant Alerts

Prevent high bill surprises with alerts from Budget Assistant. Helping keep track of your budget in real time.

Ways to Save Energy

We've put together simple tips to help you reduce energy use.

Green Rate

Learn about the Green Rate and how you can purchase more energy from renewable sources.

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