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Residential Rate Plans

Residential Plan (Rate Schedule D)

Our standard Residential Plan (Rate Schedule D) is the basic plan serving most residential customers.

This rate plan features 4 pricing tiers. During each billing period, your household’s energy consumption starts in Tier 1, where the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is lowest. Each tier has a certain amount of energy allocated to it – if you use more energy than is allocated to that tier, you move to the next, higher-priced tier.

The best way to keep energy costs lower is to limit your energy consumption to the lower tiers.

Four-Tier Price Structure*
Tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Cents per kWh 15¢ 19¢ 28¢ 32¢

*Residential Rate Plan tier pricing as of July 2014. Rates are subject to change. Other charges will also appear on the bill.

Need help with your bill? Learn about special programs and services we offer for income-qualified customers.

About Baseline & Tiers

Customers served under the Residential Rate Plan start each monthly billing period in Tier 1. The amount of electricity allocated to Tier 1 is considered the “baseline allocation*”, and reflects the amount of electricity, measured in kWh, needed to cover an essential portion of the energy you use, like lighting, cooking, heating and refrigeration. Every customer’s household is provided with a baseline allocation or set amount of kWh of electricity each period – charged at a lower price than energy used above the baseline amount.

This baseline is established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and is based on where you live, the season (winter or summer), and whether your home is “all electric” or uses both electricity and gas. See Rate Schedule D for more information or visit our FAQ's.

See Baseline Allocation Chart and Baseline Region Map Close

Refer to this baseline region map to find which baseline region your home is in, then reference the chart below. This chart reflects the 9 baseline regions within our 55,000 square mile service territory and the daily baseline allocation for Tier 1.

Daily Baseline Allocation (kWh) for the Residential Rate Plan - non-All Electric Households**
Baseline Region
Daily kWh Allocation
Summer Winter
5 13.5 15.3
6 9.4 9.8
8 10.1 9.2
9 13.3 10.8
10 15.5 11.0
13 18.4 11.1
14 15.5 10.6
15 39.8 8.2
16 11.8 11.1

A few notes:

  • Medical Baseline customers receive an additional 16.5 kWh allocation per day in addition to their applicable seasonal baseline for the necessary operation of life-support devices and equipment.
  • The baseline allocation is slightly higher for customers who have an all-electric household.

The amount of electricity allocated to each of the subsequent tiers (2, 3 and 4) is based on the electricity usage above the baseline amount (the amount allocated to Tier 1). The following table provides the percentages used to determine how much electricity is allocated to each tier.

Energy Usage Levels (Baseline Allocation)
Tier Energy Usage Allocation (Baseline) Current Price per kWh (rounded) Summer 2014 Price per kWh (rounded)


Baseline (kWh usage up to your baseline allocation)

$0.13 $0.15


kWh usage from 101% to 130% of baseline (1% to 30% over your baseline allocation) $0.17 $0.19


kWh usage from 131% to 200% of baseline (31% to 100% over your baseline allocation) $0.27 $0.28


All usage exceeding 200% of your baseline allocation $0.30 $0.32

**Baseline allocation levels are an established level of kilowatt hours (kWh) provided to residential customers for basic services such as lighting, cooking, heating and refrigeration. Pursuant to State law, baseline allocations represent the electricity necessary to supply a portion (50-60%) of the reasonable needs of the average residential customer.

Common Questions About Tiers & Baseline Allocation

Is there an easy way to get information about my tier allocation, pricing and which tier I’m currently in?

By simply logging in to My Account, you have access to a number of tools and services, including a chart that tracks which tier you’re currently in (as of the previous day), and the tier you’re expected to fall into by the close of the current monthly billing period.

The information provided in the chart is customized based on your specific electricity usage and is updated daily. This chart also provides current tier pricing, and the amount of electricity allocated to each tier. Because your electricity usage is updated daily, the costs are as well. This can be a valuable resource to help you better understand the rate structure and more effectively manage your monthly bill.

Log in to My Account to access the chart, then select the "View Recent Usage" button, then select "How is this calculated?" which is located below your Projected Next Bill total.

Example of tier chart in My Account that shows the four tiers, pricing, and what tier you're currently at based on your recent usage.

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How do I know which Baseline Region is associated with my bill?

Each city within our service territory has been assigned a baseline region which corresponds to the primary climate associated with that area. The baseline region for each city can be found in the Index of Communities.

A map of the baseline regions also depicts how the baseline regions align with coastal, inland and desert geographies.

If our household is on the Medical Baseline plan, how is our baseline allocation impacted?

Medical Baseline customers have an additional 16.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) allocated to their baseline usage on a daily basis, in addition to their applicable seasonal baseline for the operation of life-support devices and other qualifying equipment.

Additional Charges

Other charges you'll find on your bill:

  • Basic Charge: Every residential bill includes some non-energy related charges for providing basic services like account billing, bill preparation, and meter reading. This fixed charge is designed to collect from every SCE customer a portion of the fixed costs of service.
  • Delivery and Other Charges::These line item charges with descriptions of each can be found on your monthly bill under the section titled “Details of Your New Charges”. See Rate Schedule D for more information or visit our FAQ's.


Other Rate Plans Available for Your Home

If you use most of your electricity on weekends, early morning or later evening weekday hours, and can reduce your usage between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, you could benefit from a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate. TOU rates provide different electricity prices during different times of the day and different pricing for weekday versus weekend usage.

Off-Peak Savings Plan (TOU-D-T)

Charging Your Electric Car

The Off-Peak Savings Plan provides a two-level TOU rate structure which offers different pricing during different times of the day, week, and season.

If you have an electric car, you may benefit from one of our special rates designed for charging during off-peak hours at a lower cost.

Learn more

Help Available to Households

We're doing everything we can to get the word out about programs to help households that are having trouble paying electric bills. Discounted rates are available to income-qualified households, and free energy-efficiency upgrades may be available, too. And, you may qualify for one-time assistance through our Energy Assistance Fund.

If you just need more time to pay your bill, we can make special payment arrangements with you.