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Residential Rate Comparison Tool

The Right Rate for You

It's easy to find a new rate to suit your home, lifestyle and energy usage. With our Residential Rate Comparison tool, you can view and compare costs of up to three Time-of-Use (TOU) rate options based on 12 months of your historical energy usage. Please note: If you do not have sufficient energy usage we are unable to provide a rate analysis at this time.


To get started enter your service account number and service ZIP code:

Please enter a valid service account number. TIP: Your service account number should follow the format 3-###-####-##
The Service Account Number is given on the top right corner. Click here

ZIP (#####)
Please enter a valid ZIP code. TIP: Enter your service account ZIP code
Your billing Zip code is on the payment stub of your bill. Click here

Rate Plans for Your Home

If most of your electricity usage is on weekends, morning or late weeknights, TOU may be right for you. Our TOU plans include a base monthly charge and different rates based on when and how much energy you use.

Image of bill statement indicating location of service account number.Your service account number starts with a "3" consists of 10 numerical digits and can be found on left of your bill.


Time of Use Rate Plan video thumbnail.

Why Switch to TOU?

A TOU rate provides more control over your monthly electricity bill. You decide which rate you pay for electricity based on when and how much you use. By reducing your electricity usage during on-peak hours, you’ll be able to take advantage of alternative rates that may save you money throughout the year.




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