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Time-Of-Use Residential Rate Plans

Time-Of-Use (TOU) Rate Plans for Your Home

If most of your electricity usage is on weekends, mornings or late weeknights, TOU may be right for you. Our TOU plans include a base monthly charge and different rates based on "when" and "how" much energy you use.


Why Switch to a Time-Of-Use Rate?

There are many reasons why a TOU rate may work better for you:

  • A time-of-use rate provides you with more control over your monthly electricity bill-you decide the price you pay for electricity based on “when” and “how much” you use.
  • Take advantage of lower rates on weekends, holiday and evening hours.
  • If you can reduce your electricity usage during on-peak hours, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower rates during other times of the day/year.
  • Can help lower your annual overall electricity costs.


Time of Use Rate Plan video thumbnail.


Learn About TOU

Watch the video to learn how the TOU rate plan works.


Compare Your Rate


You can compare your current rate with our TOU rate plans and choose which works best for you.

Your annual energy costs may be lower – while bills may be higher in the summer (June – September), this can be offset by lower winter bills (October – May). We offer various time-of-use rate options:


  • Highest price period - On Peak, weekdays 2 - 8 pm
  • Attractive to low energy users, averaging less than 700 kWh per month
  • Baseline Credit of $.09 per kWh used until your monthly baseline allocation is reached
  • Daily Basic Charge $.03 per day
  • No Tier pricing, pricing based on time of day and season
  • Highest price period - On Peak, weekdays 2 - 8 pm
  • Attractive to high energy users who average more than 700 kWh per month
  • No Baseline Credit
  • Daily Basic Charge $.53 per day
  • No Tier pricing, pricing based on time of day and season
  • Highest price period - On Peak, weekdays 12 - 6 pm
  • Attractive to low energy users and self-generating customers
  • No Baseline Credit
  • Daily Basic Charge $.03 per day
  • Two tiers of pricing in every peak period. Pricing based on time of day, season and tier. Tiers are determined by baseline allocation.

Learn more about the Time-of-Use (TOU-D) Rate Plan.

TOU-D Option A (TOU-D-A)

TOU-D-A has three different time or “peak” periods and associated pricing.

  • This rate option has generally higher peak prices which are offset by a monthly baseline credit. For all electricity use up to your monthly baseline allocation, you receive a $.09 credit. For example, if your monthly allocation is 200 kWh, you would see a $18 credit on your monthly bill on this rate.
  • This rate option has a low basic charge of $.03 per day
  • The combination of higher energy charges with the baseline credit offset and low monthly basic charge make this rate attractive to customers with monthly usage that is less than 700kWh.
View peak hours and pricing Close peak hours and pricing

TOU-D-A Weekdays, Summer, 8am-2pm=29 cents, 2pm-8pm=44 cents, 8pm-10pm=29 cents, 10pm-8am=13 cents, Winter, 8am-2pm=28 cents, 2pm-8pm=34 cents, 8pm-10pm=28 cents, 10pm-8am=14 centsTOU-D-A, Weekends, Summer, 8am-10pm=29 cents, 10pm-8am=13 cents, Winter, 8am-10pm=28 cents, 10pm-8am=14 cents

TOU-D Option B (TOU-D-B)

TOU-D-B has three different time or “peak” periods and associated pricing.

  • This rate option has generally lower peak prices
  • There is no baseline credit on this rate option
  • The daily basic charge is $.54 per day
  • This rate option is generally attractive to high usage customers, with monthly usage of more than 700 kWh
View peak hours and pricing Close peak hours and pricing

TOU-D-B Weekdays, Summer, 8am-2pm=17 cents, 2pm-8pm=32 cents, 8pm-10pm=17 cents, 10pm-8am=13 cents, Winter, 8am-2pm=16 cents, 2pm-8pm=22 cents, 8pm-10pm=16 cents, 10pm-8am=14 cents TOU-D-B, Weekends, Summer, 8am-10pm=17 cents, 10pm-8am=13 cents, Winter, 8am-10pm=16 cents, 10pm-8am=14 cents

TOU-D Option T (TOU-D-T)

The Off-Peak Savings Plan (TOU-D-T) has two different time periods and four different pricing levels.

  • This rate option is a combination of a Time-of-Use rate with tiered pricing.
  • With each time or “peak” period, there are two levels of pricing, how much you pay depends on your usage at each level.
  • This rate plan is popular with low energy users and self-generation customers.
View peak hours and pricing Close peak hours and pricing

TOU-D-T Weekdays, Summer, Level 1, 6a-12p=16¢, 12p-6p=32¢, 6p-6a=16¢, Level 2, 6a-12p=24¢, 12p-6p=40¢, 6p-6a=24¢, Winter, Level 1, 6a-12p=15¢, 12p-6p=20¢, 6p-6a=15¢, Level 2, 6a-12p=23¢, 12p-6p=28¢, 6p-6a=23¢TOU-D-T Weekends, Summer, 6am-6am, Level 1=16 cents, Level 2=24 cents, Winter, 6am-6am, Level 1=15 cents, Level 2=23 cents

TOU-D Option Electric Vehicle (TOU-D-EV-1)

TOU-EV-1 has two different time or “peak” periods and pricing:

  • This rate option is only available to customers who charge an electric vehicle at home.
  • This rate requires a separate meter be installed dedicated to EV charging. This rate bills separately and at different prices than usage in the rest of your home

Call us at 1-800-4EV-INFO to talk to one of our SCE Home Fuel Advisorssm to discuss if this plan is a good fit for you.

View peak hours and pricing Close peak hours and pricing

TOU-EV1 Pricing, Summer, 12pm-9pm=33 cents, 9pm-6am=14 cents, Winter, 6am-12pm=14 cents, 12pm-9pm=22 cents, 9pm-6am=14 cents

Questions about Residential Time-Of-Use


What if I enroll on a time-of-use rate plan, and then change my mind and want to switch back?

There is no minimum commitment period, and you can choose to sign up or un-enroll from the TOU-D or TOU-D-T rate plans at any time. The Electric Vehicle Plan (TOU-EV-1) does require a separate meter and there is a 12 month commitment time period. Keep in mind that if you switch from a time-of-use rate plan to an alternate plan, you will not be able to make another switch for a full 12 months.

How do I find my baseline allocation?

Each customer has two baseline allocations, one for summer and one for winter usage. Baseline allocation is the same as the baseline allowance found on the standard residential rate plan. Your allowance can be found by reviewing the “details of your new charges” section of the bill statement. Under “additional information” you will see your summer baseline allowance, your winter baseline allowance, or both, depending on which month’s bill you review. For more information about baseline, view the “about baseline” section of the standard domestic rate plan page here.

Does the High Usage Charge apply to Time-of-Use rate plans?

TOU Rates are not subject to the High Usage Charge.

If I am on a Time-of-Use Rate plan, do I still have the minimum bill charge?

TOU Rates Plans A and T are also subject to a minimum bill charge averaging out to about $10 a month. This means that if the delivery portion of your bill does not meet the minimum bill amount of $0.32 per day, a charge will be added to your bill for the difference to reach approximately $10. The delivery charges and the daily basic charge of $0.03 per day apply towards your minimum bill charge.

How does Medical Baseline impact my baseline allocation?

Medical Baseline customers have an additional 16.5 kWh allocated to their baseline usage on a daily basis, in addition to their applicable seasonal baseline for the operation of life-support devices and other qualifying equipment.

Help Available to Households

We understand that paying your bill is a challenge. We offer many options. Discounted rates are available to income-qualified households. Energy-efficiency upgrades are available too. Find out if you qualify for one-time assistance through our Energy Assistance Fund.

If you just need more time to pay your bill, we can make a special payment arrangement with you.


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