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Residential Rate Plans

Residential Rate Plans

Your home, the size of your family, your schedule, and your lifestyle all play a part in determining your electricity needs. Our plans are designed so you can find the right fit to your household’s lifestyle. To see which plan you are currently on, please log in to My Account or review your current bill.

Time-Of-Use (TOU) Rate Plans

Our TOU plans feature different rates based on the time of day. Electricity rates are lower on nights and weekends, but go up during peak hours when energy resources are in demand.

Tiered Rate Plan

This is a more traditional billing plan. Customers pay a single rate for a “baseline” amount of energy each month. Once that allotment is used, the rate climbs to a more expensive tier. A High Usage Charge may also apply.

Need Help Choosing?

You can compare your current rate to our other plans to see which works best for you

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Important Notices

You May Be Eligible for Help

The CARE and FERA programs can reduce energy bills for income-qualified households by up to 30%. Find out if you qualify and apply online.

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More Options and Incentives

Solar and Clean Energy

If you produce solar or wind, our Net Energy Metering (NEM) rate options may help you save even more.

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Medical Baseline

Customers who need life-support equipment for full-time medical conditions may be eligible to receive additional baseline allocation.

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