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More Power To You

Edison SmartConnect® enables new online tools and services to help you manage electricity costs before your bill arrives. With Edison SmartConnect you can track energy use, take advantage of incentives, and even monitor your spending. The Edison SmartConnect meter also means more reliable and efficient service, as well as a brighter future through emissions reductions.

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Smart Meters

The smart meter empowers you to manage your energy use, simply and effectively.  We offer a variety of features in My Account to save energy, time, and money.  Online tools such as Budget Assistant, along with other valuable information such as usage charts, help you track your energy use and manage it more cost-effectively.  And by better managing your energy use, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Home and Business Area Network

Edison SmartConnect works with state-of-the-art equipment and wireless technology to help create your own Home and Business Area Network.  Home and Business Area Network allows you to view your energy usage in near real-time, giving you the ability to become a smart energy consumer.

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You’ve Got the Power

Making the most of the Edison Smart Connect meter starts with a rate plan that fits your lifestyle. Our smart meter also helps you make smart decisions in planning your monthly usage and budget. You can even take advantage of Save Power Days to earn bill credits.


A Smooth Move

With the Edison SmartConnect meter you don’t need an at-home appointment to turn service on or off. Just let us know when you’re moving and we’ll transfer your service, hassle-free.

Conserving Energy

By providing you with tools to manage your energy, the Edison SmartConnect meter has the power to reduce greenhouse gases and smog-forming pollutants by an estimated 365,000 metric tons annually!

Smarter Appliances

In the future, the Edison SmartConnect meter will even be able to communicate with smart appliances and green technologies through your own Home and Business Area Network.