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Mobile Home Park Tenant Bill Calculation

Southern California Edison's (SCE) Tenant Bill Calculation Service is available to all Mobile Home Park and Manufactured Housing Communities (collectively referred to as MHP) served on SCE's rate schedule, Schedule DMS-2.

SCE's Tenant Bill Calculation Service is an optional fee-based service available to you on a contractual basis. This service is designed to offer you the option of having SCE calculate the amount of your tenant's monthly electrical bill. The bill amounts will be calculated based on your input and on California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved domestic tariffs. This service will provide a secure website to retain specific information regarding tenant electric billing data, and perform the usage tenant bill calculations for you.

You Said Fee-Based… How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

The fees are based on a cost-to-serve basis which makes it quite affordable.

  1. Once you sign up, every month you will see a Customer Charge of $2.40 for each of your accounts that you enroll in the calculation service. This charge covers the cost of participating in the program. The charge will appear on your DMS-2 bill no matter how many times you use the service.
  2. Next, for each billing calculation that you request (and we complete), you will receive a charge of $0.15 per successful bill calculation.
  3. And lastly, we will deliver the calculations to you via E-mail for FREE. You may choose to have the file we send to you in either a spreadsheet format (CSV) or in a word processing format (RTF). Charges for alternate delivery options are on a per submission basis as follows:
Tenant Bill Calculation Fees
Your Presentation Choice Charge For Delivery
E-mail FREE
Compact Diskette (CD) $6.10 per each billing submission
Printed Statements 1 Tenant:              $ 0.52
2–3 Tenants:        $ 0.31 per calculation
4–63 Tenants:      $ 0.16 per calculation
64–100 Tenants:  $ 0.14 per calculation
101+ Tenants:      $ 0.14 per calculation

We can also peform/complete special credit refund calculations for you for a Special Service Fee. For these calculations you would submit your request and SCE will provide you with the charges based on the actual labor and materials cost. For these special services no calculations will occur until you are presented charges for review and you provide your approval to proceed.

What Are The Benefits?
  • You are free from having to calculate electric bills for your tenants
  • Your tenants will receive timely and accurate bill calculations
  • Applicable discounts or refunds can be calculated for individual tenants
  • You receive assurance of accurate tenant calculations based on your input
  • Regulatory updates and billing factor changes are included
After Signing Up, What Are You Responsible For?
  • You will still continue to read the meters and record the information
  • You will need to provide SCE with accurate billing information
  • You will need to have access to the Internet and ability to submit information necessary for billing via www.sce.com
  • Once you receive the bill calculations you will need to bill and collect from your tenants
  • You remain responsible for resolving usage-related billing disputes. You are also responsible for resolving re-billing errors due to inaccurate data provided to SCE
What SCE Will Do For You?
  • SCE will provide you with accurate tenant bill calculations based on applicable rate schedules
  • We will complete tenant calculations and have them ready for delivery within 48 hours (actual time to receive calculations is dependent on your choice of method of delivery).
  • We will provide three bill delivery options: e-mail, CD or paper statement
  • We will process your billing transactions upon your request
  • We will add appropriate fees on your existing SCE DMS-2 electric bill statement
  • SCE will be available to explain bill calculations to your tenants
  • And as always, our Customer Service is available 24-hours a day for your convenience
How Do You Enroll?

There are 3-steps required to enroll:

  1. Register as a user on-line.
  2. The second step is on the phone. You will need to request a Bill Calculation Service Agreement by calling 800-684-8123.
  3. The last, and final step is by mail. After completing the Bill Calculation Service Agreement simply return it in the mail and we'll do the rest.
DMS-2 Rate Schedule

Learn more about your DMS-2 Rate Schedule.